After Jason Mitchell tells James about his 67 tattoos, Rita Wilson recalls the 22nd birthday party for her son Chet Hanks, where she had the whole family get fake …




  1. Barb Molitor Reply

    Tattoos…….It’s like putting bumper stickers on a Ferrari.

  2. Rose Faith Angel Reply

    Chet Hanks has satanic tattoos. Tattoos are against the Bible. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson say they are Christians.

  3. Toffi&theGorilla Reply

    and few years later he definitely gave her memorable present – illegitimate granddaughter from the ghetto lol

  4. awkward seating positions. and corden looks uncomfortable in that chair

  5. I thought from the thumbnail that Jennifer Aniston finally shows signs of aging, but nope, it's another person.

  6. Nurazianie Abdullah Reply

    Lovely family and may all have peace and serenity always🌿

  7. Lydia Lives Reply

    This is probably the perfect way to stop your kids getting tattoos, saying you'll get matching!

  8. The Wealth Generator Reply

    So this is what it's like being so early, its quiet…

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