A quick un-boxing and overview on the Magpul AFG-1 (angled fore grip)

brought from PBA imports

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  1. Thanks for the review, very helpful. I bought a grip from Souforce recently, their grips are cheap and good. worth a try. https://www.souforce-hunting.com/c/grips-0394

  2. It's for air soft who the fuck cars 😂 it's a fake ass gun/fake ass "game" anyways😂😂 LOL

  3. aidan wroth Reply

    My "ripoff" looks and feels 100% the same as my Magpul… Conclusion Crikey here doesn't know what he's talking about

  4. i swear i got a fake. I got this grip and as soon as i got it out from the box it looked smaller than it was supposed to be. Checked out this vid and am now pissed because amazon sold me a fake grip. WHAT A RIP OFFFFFF! ITS SO SMALL! FUCKKKKKKKKK

  5. Who cares about the envelope and packing. That just wastes time.  Just get to the product!

  6. That’s a terrible idea podcast Sinclair Reply

    Hey names breny correct my bad gun English but the pump grip at the front were the angeled for grip Gos what do ya attach a noarm forgrip pistol grip to and what is the part called that you replace the origanel pump grip

  7. That’s a terrible idea podcast Sinclair Reply

    Hey names breny correct my bad gun English but the pump grip at the front were

  8. Also, if you see PTS anywhere on the box or the title, that's the cheap alternative knock-off version of the Magpul. PTS has licencing from Magpul to have their name all over PTS's items. Also, PTS items are meant for airsofting, NOT for real firearm.

  9. Florin Stanciu Reply

    I fecking love this kind of frontgrips! Good video, keep it up.

  10. laxskateguy Reply

    so you would recommend this over say a magpul rvg? trying to decide which one to buy.

  11. Hayseed1776 Reply

    so were the confiscated ? or did you turn them in,,how was that done ? thanks..and what happend if you refused ? how much did they pay you ? and how did they know you owned a gun ?

  12. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    often its pretty obvious from what is offered on eBay, but generally the easiest way to identify the rip offs is by the price 🙂

  13. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    not sure, if the spyder mrx has standard milspec picatinny rails on it then yes you can

  14. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    I've not tried a fold up foregrip but this angled fore grip is very nice to hold and helps with a more ergonomical grip

  15. nakazatoGTR Reply

    please pray that doesnt happen in the United States.

    the liberal lying media is blaming the Legal civilian gun owners for crimes committed by demented, crazed, illegal gun owning criminals.

    spread the word sir

  16. Shadowcast17 Reply

    Do you find this more comfortable/practical than a fold up foregrip?

  17. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    the grip will fit on any standard 1913 picatinny rail. Not sure what the UMP has but if it is a weaver or picatinny rail then it should fit perfectly

  18. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    You have no idea how right you are mate. Actually at one stage about 16 years ago we did have SLR's but our laws changed after a tragic shooting happened here in Tasmania and all AR, AK, SLR's were confiscated in a huge buy back appeal.

  19. NothingButPinkMist Reply

    Sure can, will work on any firearm that has a picatinny rail on the bottom so this grip can be attached too it

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