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  1. Does this play 3D movies out of the attached hard drives ? and whether it supports Dolby Atmos.

  2. That is not a clock on front . I got happy when I ordered mine because it had a bigger display on front .well it's not even a clock it's suppose to be a timer when you are watching movies but it don't work because no matter what you are doing it starts counting down from the time you turn it on and has no point or purpose .

  3. Martin Arnaud Reply

    this is the best box out there. to me never had a problem with buffering or lagging ect. regarding the price pretty high but well worth it

  4. Hi. Nice review.

    Please, can I download movies / music using my laptop and transfer directly to the Q10 internal HDD, using WiFi???

    Or, to put it another way, will the Q10's internal HDD appear in my laptop/desktop computer as an "external network device", allowing file transfer from computer to box…?


  5. David Heller Reply

    For future reviews you should do a full review of Sling TV for Apple TV and the Fox Sports Go app for Apple TV

  6. Lori Rowland Reply

    When you say you can add a hard drive, could i put a Raspberry Pi in the Q10 Pro?

  7. Martin Arnaud Reply

    I got this box and let me tell you. It's money we'll spend. I'm very happy with the box

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