Retrofit, Volley, Glide, Picasso, Universal Image Loader [Comparison] – Android Advanced Tutorial #8

There are three main libraries that I usually use for downloading images from the web or displaying them from a resource file: Glide, Universal Image Loader and Picasso. I talk about them and which one would be best suited for your application.

There are many ways to download data from the web. Some of the most common ways are using Androids HTTP (with AsyncTask), Retrofit, and Volley. I talk about which one would be most suited for your individual application needs.

NOTE: This information is based on MY personal experiences only.

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➤Comparing Universal Image Loader, Glide, Picasso:

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  1. Andrew Christie Reply

    Very useful information, really explains android in a concise way.

  2. Imdadul Haque Reply

    Great video, it helps a lot. ty.
    Way to create dynamic url using Volley : String url = "" + your string video id here ;

  3. Easy!!! Yea but I will go for volley because it lets you have control over the app. And I love to parse my own data because I can create complex objects with multiple requests possiblities.

  4. Thanks so much for the amazing tutorials. You are short and to the point and you can tell you put a lot of time into each episode. I graduated with a CS degree and i have already learned more practical material from you than i did my professor! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Shuvojit Kar Reply

    try fresco for image …It has two levels of cache, one in memory and another in internal storage. and Fast Android Networking library for doing any type of networking in Android applications which is made on top of OkHttp Networking Layer.

  6. Can you do Splash Screens, when you click on the app the first screen pops up

  7. Allen Rowland Reply — I am on this page, I was selecting— Load Url button and pasting from this page from this page

  8. Allen Rowland Reply

    I am getting a failed message from the RSS Viewer when trying to load the source page. What is going on? I have signed into the RSS Viewer page it still happens. Do I have to be a subscriber to Reddit page as well? I want to figure this out before the next project build.

  9. Everything Tech Review Reply

    This was pretty useful. I am using okhttp and picasso. I should have switched to volley, because I need to get, and put stuff. all in json, and need to parse it.

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