In this first episode, Rakesh and I delve into the MVP pattern and start explaining the Presenter part of this pattern. We implement a Presenter for the first activity …




  1. shanraisshan Reply

    Code of Episode 1 is present on Github (Refactoring-Android-App-Series-Overview Repository)

    Episode 1:

  2. Backs Developers Reply

    I watch many videos but i check never write code in presenter class. some writes in model or some create new extra class so can you tell me why not write login in presenter class?

  3. Siddhesh Patil Reply

    Really good video. Bro but try to quit smoking. Very bad for you. You smoked like 3 cigarettes within an hour.

  4. Deniz Demirci Reply

    So the question is, does Rakesh have his own channel where we can learn more from him ?
    Great tutorial !

  5. Prince Essel Reply

    Thanks for this video. I really learn't a lot here. MVP and JUnit testing just became clearer to me. Thanks again.

  6. Denis Frost Reply

    Watch this video, i`ll hope it improve my skill, it`s great! l like it

  7. Konstantinos Nikoloutsps Reply

    I learned a lot from this video. Please do more videos like this 🙂

  8. Man, Rakesh is a great tutor. Is there a way to get in contact with him to help me with refactoring my app? 😀 Some of my questions to him would be: In a login screen, where would I check the internet connection? In the presenter? And for the internet connection I would need a reference to the activity but he said that referencing the activity in the presenter is not MVP style. So how would I do it? Also, with the username and password my app is getting a key from the server to access all the data (to not save the user data) so in which class would I download that from? Also the presenter? Sorry for all the questions but he explained it so well, I want to hear it from him

  9. Abhishekh Tomar Reply

    This session very very nice!!! Thanks your very much for sharing this………….. While(true) { print(" But this code is meaningless 🙂 "); }

  10. Rana Faizan Reply

    oh man cant believe this you just did an amazing job awesome stuff you just started from scratch and i understand everything Thanks a lot man

  11. Sebastian Irazabal Reply

    That was a cool episode! Nice teaching! I'll continue with the other in the series. Keep going like this!

  12. Heriberto magaña Reply

    Congrats guys you really rock teaching and following the TDD development, I'm just starting with Android and this is just a really nice tutorial and kind of fun at some point haha cheers

  13. is it a teaching class??? it is a little slow~~~~, please be smart, it is easy to understand

  14. Nazanin Dastserri Reply

    It was awesome ! Please make more videos like this. Great Job !!!

  15. Eimantas Urbonas Reply

    Why did you cut at 1:05:00 ? Now an explanation is missing

  16. Hudson Pereira Reply

    42:08 "This code is meaningless" lol

    Very good walk through by the way

  17. The learning approach is perfect and Rakesh is great intructor. I have one question "Why the view/activity need to be aware of repository? Though it is good since it is only using implementation of the repo. Can't we implement the case without passing repo to the presenter and let the presenter whole decide which repo to invoke or not?
    cc: @odaymaleh @drycode

  18. What is the hotkey used to make an instance of that class at 3 minutes 59 seconds? 3:59

  19. Cazimir Roman Reply

    Very good way to learn about MVP. I just watched 45 minutes of it and already started developing my new application using the MVP pattern 🙂 good stuff!!

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