Redmi Note 9 Pro OFFICIAL FIRST LOOK – Confirmed Specifications, Price | Redmi Ne Diya Dhoka! Finally we got the official specifications and also the official …




  1. Aman Srivastava Reply

    Oh… ye kya hai i cant believe this I dont know why I am waiting for these phones.I should have bought realme x2.

  2. 2020Google God Reply

    🇳🇪🛰️📡Great Helpful Knowledge Video 🛰️📡🇳🇪🙏👍Redmi phone's are waste of money without DOLBY ATMOS sounds 👎📵

  3. Navanil Ray Reply

    If Redmi note 9 Pro launch on this specification then realme 6 Pro is better

  4. ULTRA MoNsTeR Reply

    Jo bhi ho … agar sach mai iye 15 k ki under 720G de data hai to khub 6alega.

  5. So, note 9 is note 9 pro😂😂 and note 9 pro is note 9 pro max😂😂

  6. Muzamil Hussain Reply

    Camera wala koi issue nh ha khak farak nh parta 64 se 48 ha thk ha baki ye 18watt ka scene sahe nh ha fer tu realme 6 acha ha

  7. Anirban Debnath Reply

    Samsung se or kitna copy karenge…..redmi wale…….🤣🤣🤣😂😂……

  8. Mr. Filmy - Zain Reply

    10k to 15k k under best fone realme 6 hi hoga m 100% sure..

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