This video shows you how to download Red Alert 2 for free on PC, including the Yuri’s Revenge expansion pack.


Red Alert 2 Game Download (PC):

Winrar (32-Bit or 64-Bit)



Q: What is the password?
A: The password for all the files given on this channel will be

Q:Are there viruses?
A: No! This is completely safe and working.

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  1. richard romulo Reply

    i follow your instruction..but why is mine has a black screen?? using windows 7

  2. Faez Salleh Reply

    i cant play yuri's revenge. my screen becomes empty/black. anyone knows the solution?.. otherwise my red alert 2 running well..

  3. alamalitanzeel Reply

    the game is downloaded and is opening but in black screen 🙁 i got really excited i want to get trouble shooted

  4. Gg Shakers Reply

    its not working. when i open the yuri. only the sounds is on but the display is still my desktop but i click with the games option but cant see. need help

  5. isidore warque Reply

    hi i cant copy the desktop.ini to the folder of C&C

  6. solomon lee Reply

    how do i fix the frame rate speed problem? my game runs smoothly but when i'm in game everything seems to move so slow. i've tried add BackBufferVideo to 0 but it wont let me save it, please help!

  7. Maikel wagenaar Reply

    Anyone know how to fix the DirectX Not supported issue?

  8. wesleyacdc1 Reply

  9. It worked %100 in 2020 but i didn't tested online/i just downloaded yuri's revenge link/it gave me red alert2 and yuri revenge game/it doesn't have cut scene u should download it from (RA2/YR revenge language Pack) when u did them all its full version game %100 work

  10. Phir-yushree Ahmad Reply

    wow thanks i fix it…its true.. i just make it 0 again and it works…the black screen is ok.. and it work its also doesnt need screen resolution to change

  11. Phir-yushree Ahmad Reply

    mine is not working… the screen only turn black… i really want to play the game

  12. Opns HHSSG HSC Reply

    dude, i cant open skirmish…and the aqcrit.cfg became a notepad icon, please help me out..thanks

  13. Cutscenes are bugged therefore I got stuck in the campaign know a fix?

  14. Jai'ii Choi Reply

    need assistance….

    after changing the screen resolution, and launching the game, its just a black screen 🙁 but there is a background music of th
    e game

  15. Andrew Millett Reply

    interesting, it didnt work for me. my computer won't allow me to switch the resolution to 800×600 only 1024×768 on windows 10…. any advice??

  16. khurram khan Reply

    i will sub to you if you can give me the black screen fix link

  17. fausto elortegui miguez Reply

    little help my game is very slow, somebody knows why

  18. Carl Spark Reply

    Is the website safe to use? No problems with virus's or malware?

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