In this video we will learn how to implement load more functionality in android. It covers how to implement pagination in android recyclerview. Step by step tutorial to provide infinite scroll in recyclerview. This video is part 12th of our new android development tutorial series for beginners.

Follow along – everything is explained in Hindi.

Topics Covered –
– Load More Pagination in Android RecyclerView
– Endless or Infinite Scrolling Android
– RecyclerView addOnScrollListener and OnScrollListener Event
– Step by step tutorial to Load items on scroll android recyclerview

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Learn all this in Hindi (हिंदी में )

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  1. nihongo hanashou Reply

    i dont understand what you say but i understand what you mean.. amazing

  2. Abhishek Kar Reply

    adapter.notifydatasetchanged() not working for me..I am getting response from the server..but new data is not showing

  3. Hello, Thanks you for this tutorial,can create Pagination with fire base cloud storage

  4. junaid rahman Reply

    I must appreciate it <3
    the way you talk and the way you make things clear very easily … Thank you

  5. kamal kumar Reply

    my data is loading from server and its a long list sooo what i write in place of total …. …current+scrolled=total or how can i edit this. i want progressbar load after some item scrolled

  6. Wassauf Khalid Reply

    alternate method for gridLayout for scrolled items .. i cant find getScrolledCount()

  7. Swaraj Pawar Reply

    Hello bro i used this code bt it is not solved my proble.actully i fetch data from local json n bcuse of that my activity and recycler view is getting slow . so thats why used follow this tutorial bt still my problem is resolve.. plz give me proper solution i m in trouble

  8. Akash Agrawal Reply

    Sir u r fabulous you make coding such easy. But i want to complete scrolling listener as you shown in starting with example can u make another video for that.
    A complete scrolling listener using external database.

  9. TechnicALI Reply

    Hi brother..I have a problem in my code. my adapter.notifyDatachnged not working.

  10. Hafizur Rony Reply

    How to implementation ads my project……please helpe me…

  11. Zeeshan Syed Reply

    You are a damn life saver..
    I never thought that it would be such easy..
    Thanks a ton..

  12. Sakhawat Hossain Reply

    Thanks for your good representation of this topic. Helped a lot.

  13. محترفي علوم الكمبيوتر و أمن المعلومات Reply

    Thank you very much
    Cheezy Code for this wonderful tutorial that I have benefited greatly from and I made some modifications to it, I only need one thing to become a complete project, I thought about saving/caching the output from the method response.body(); to the android internal cache to make easier to user to read posts offline if there's no connection on the device I made some searching then I found this
    two method for writing/reading and I customized it for my app, the methods sounds working good but there's two issues
    first the reading method returns only the first index of Items
    second I trying to using getCacheDir(); or getExternalCacheDir(); instead of writing to internal memory directly, so can you please make another tutorial for how to save data into internal/external cache memory ?

  14. Raees Shaikh Reply

    dost mene progress bar set bhi kia h jesa apne tutorial me bataya fir bhi show nahi ho rhi progress bar jab me screen up karta hu tab….??

  15. PAVAN RAJPUT Reply

    thanks sir it is very useful to use beacause u making tutorial in hindi. and I request to make video on build ffmpeg for android on windows because no one get proper step by step guidline to make it please meke if possible

  16. Mahir Maaripi Reply

    this is my first comment on youtube. you are life save. bahut shukriya bay

  17. Manifestation Begins Reply

    What is the benefit of load more functionality for getting server data?

  18. serial drama Reply

    bhai isme web servise ko to use hi nahi kia he real web servise ko use karke dikhao plz

  19. Saurabh Pandey Reply

    Hey there is no for my blog

    Please help me

  20. Bitten Tech Reply

    How to set itemView sizes to fit a new item when views get recycled? I have cardview items all with different sizes..

  21. akanksha prasad Reply

    Could u please make video on new paging library for Android using mvvm architecture with external database

  22. Hamdan Ali Reply

    Nice tutorial, Question is kya hum ye b implement kr skte h k jb user scroll kre toh hmare adapter main 4 items hoon or jb scrolling ho toh 4 add or ho jayen

  23. abhijeet rai Reply

    Thank you Cheezy Code, I was struggling to get the solution for this for 2 weeks and your solution did it in a minute. SIMPLE AND USEFUL solution.

  24. Shining Stars Of BSCS Reply

    Sir How to insert new post from android app using blogger api???

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