In this video we are going to create a simple android example that demonstrate how to perform pagination on an android RecyclerView. Here we create a simple …


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  1. Desmond Ngwuta Reply

    Hi @Prabeesh, I followed this tutorial and I was able to implement pagination but how will handle click events, setting onClick listener for each Item in the list? I've tried so many time but I keep getting errors like java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=24; index=72 and the app keeps crashing

  2. Desmond Ngwuta Reply

    This tutorial saved my day! Thank you so much Prabeesh

  3. Anil kr Maurya Reply

    sir, thank you for this video and I also won't link of this code

  4. Sridhar Gn Reply

    Hi sir, its very nice coding. thanks . But I need to know the concepts of Android paging library. (which makes faster loading, everyone says). Could you make the video for Android paging library. Thanks.

  5. Arun Sriramula Reply

    Even after a year it worked great. But have a couple of doubts about view threshold and they are what is view threshold and why you set it to 10 by saying 0

  6. Rahil mithani Reply

    what should I do to notify adapter in onResume and update recycler data, so tht if I make any change like unfavourite it should update

  7. Diego Israel Moreno Leon Reply

    Great Tutorial, I have a question what happen if I get "No more images available" and after that I insert data in my database, if I scroll the current view is it gonna to fetch data? I make that question because I add data to my database but I don't get update the view

  8. JAEMIN KIM Reply

    Thanks for the tutorial! I tried it out using pixabay API. Pagination works but the progress bar is displayed as soon as I scroll down the recycler view. Would you be able to try again with any public APIs? I'm looking for Firebase realtime database pagination since I can't find the best tutorial.

  9. saad hashmi Reply

    Where do you use the "getImages" method created in the adapter for pagination….. i am not able to see where you are actually using this method in the entire code please reply… thanks

  10. Your topics and videos are always awesome…but the problem is why dont you write memory efficient programming… for pagination how to use notifyItemRangeChanged instead of notifyDataSetChanged?

  11. Tajender Bhardwaj Reply

    please make a video pagination recyclerview with Volley please this is my humble request

  12. Tajender Bhardwaj Reply

    how can i use with .net API this all method because file name are not intitlize same as php

  13. Shinta Putri Reply

    great tutorial , sir .. may i ask for the api script ?

  14. JAEMIN KIM Reply

    Good tutorial! Would you be able to make the same tutorial for Firebase Realtime Database Pagination? That will be great!

  15. The code runs very well but, I'm getting E/RecyclerView: No adapter attached; skipping layout on initial run. Can I please know a fix for this?

  16. Sherya Dutt Reply

    Can you please create this tutorial with listview in asyntask

  17. Jibin John Reply

    Sir, during my final year project I developed a shopping cart on android, But I don't know still how recycler view loads images dynamically from a server to fragment. I searched for tutorials and I couldn't find one.
    Sir, please do a video about how images and text load inside fragments something like Fipkart or Amazon.

  18. Anveshreddy vanga2 Reply

    Sir for me Pagination isn't working when swiperefreshlayout enabled true. Sir can you please make a video using swiperefreshlayout or send me the solution

  19. Nizamudeen Sherif Reply

    Prabeesh, You are doing a great job. It will be helpful if you share the github link of the appiications for which you are giving tutorials.

  20. Shahood ul Hassan Reply

    Pl let us know how Android Emulator runs so smoothly on ur pc? Also tell us the specs of ur pc. That’s would be a great help. U may even want to make a new video on this. But do tell the specs of ur PC. Thanks!

  21. You videos are excellent… I'm a huge fan!!, but they intimidatingly too long…all of them!! i would guess you would help and even get more view by making short videos. Thanks anyway!

  22. Ali Akkawi Reply

    Can you please show us how to insert data using retrofit. Thanks

  23. Shubham Bhosale Reply

    Please make a video about how we can put AutoPlay videos in recyclerView like instagram.

  24. Sir please provide your phone number. Beacause iam a malayali. I think your also a malayali. I cant undrestand english please give phone number personaly or public. I searched in many online website but i cant get your number.if you have not any problem please give phone number. Thanks in advance

  25. How to handle vedios on server make vedio on it i want to make movies app so i can upload on the server and in the app it can be downloaded

  26. Anurag Hole Reply

    Thanks you for the video.
    Sir but i am getting an Exception saying
    "android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException: Unable to add window — token android.os.BinderProxy@aefdc64 is not valid; is your activity running?"
    when I put it in debug mode

  27. Shahood ul Hassan Reply

    Hopefully, u r gonna teach us how to add sticky headers in a listview/recyclerview while populating data from SQLite database.

  28. Daniel Gomez Gomez Reply

    47 mins for explain using the scroll?????????????????????????

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