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  1. score rb lepizig
    audience: eins(one)
    announcer: tottenham hotspur

  2. Effzeh 1948 Reply

    Your fans (Leipzig’s too) are so bad start didn’t hear you the whole game and then start singin when someone Is injured

  3. Tommy Gerth Reply

    Tottenham fans are so unsportsmanlike
    Mukiele is injured and you start to sing #fcktottenham

  4. Darth Maul Reply

    Littl spurs bitches got fucked lol 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 from bayern and now from leipzig 😅👍


    Well Tottenham did not come out this match but in total it did not have kane and son

    I wrote by an interpreter because I'm from Poland so sory for errors

  6. YouGo There Reply

    0:38 Wtf? Leipzig are in an awful form in the Bundesliga as of lately and BVB And Bayern have passed them in the league. Just 2 matchdays ago Leipzig been 1st place in the Bundesliga… They've scored just 1 goal in their last 2 Bundesliga matches.

  7. You are a bawler bro, don't be sad. You had so many injuries and mistakes from the other players don't help aswell. I'm a Liverpool fan and don't listen to vile abuse or so. You will come good again hopefully!

  8. I really like you but you English fans are so rude and disrespectful wow. Still greetings from Germany but always remember 🇩🇪>🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  9. levi lm69 love coldplsy Williams Reply

    Question when did spurs win.the league ! When did spurs win champions league ? Big stadium small club !🤣🤣🤣

  10. Erst Bayern jetzt Leipzig 👍
    Nice hat sich Leipzig verdient.
    Heute noch Dortmund und ich wäre mehr als zufrieden

  11. Jay Claughan Reply

    The lack of investment on players over the years is a disgrace but as long as levy and lewis run the club it will never charge there only in for the money ENIC out

  12. Bossy Puri Reply

    For the totenham just be realistic.. totenham so poor this season..

  13. Rob Walker Reply

    Enic and Levy need to go, simple.
    Profit and greed are king.
    We wont win anything until they are gone and we can have real investment in the squad.

  14. B A soccer fan Reply

    Announce Kane And Son departs to Man Utd we cant play like this

  15. 다음시즌 챔스티켓은 꼭 획득하자~!!!
    케인,손,시소코..빨리 돌아와줘..
    Thank you for the video.

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