Warning: This video is serious ho ho ho
Here are timestamps for those who can’t watch the whole video:
Lord Knight – 1:53
Paladin – 5:24
Assassin Cross – 7:21
Stalker – 10:07
Sniper – 10:59
High Priest – 12:28
High Wizard – 13:51
Champion – 16:06
Whitesmith – 17:31
Creator – 18:21

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Intro song: Heuse & Zeus x Crona – Pill (feat. Emma Sameth) [NCS Release]
Outro song: Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]

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  1. Thank you so much for the video 😀 I can't decide wheter I go with Priest oder Smith first 😀

  2. Dioscoro Patun-og Jr Reply

    It's ok…. I understand a little bit because use you talk so fast . I need to slow the video to understand what you're saying to us. And I think I like to use the wizard…. hahaha get job to help us to choose the character in that game .

  3. hello thanks for guide,
    uhmm.. . . . .
    can u do a new guide like this one? ^^;

    i know im asking a lot sorry ^^;

  4. Kimura Naito Reply

    Can u make videos of PvP build SinX? Like teaching people how to build the characters…and also videos of Stalker Lord Knight Champion Whitesmith Creator…it will be very helpful for newbies like me…thanks for your videos ya… Keep it up 👍

  5. Rito Daiki Reply

    How do you download the game? Along with the English Version

  6. I can't decide which is moat fun/f2p as a starter, I'm new and my friends already choose their class and play. They chose assasin,hunter, blacksmith and priest/guardian but i can't decide to wiz/monk or knight 😭

  7. DrChameleos Reply

    There are very few guides for this game right now man so thank you for taking the time. This video is useful to me specifically because it is in understandable English. If you get comments from people shitting on your accent don't even acknowledge it man because they obviously have never learned a second language or manners for that matter.

  8. Nirvanna Sylvian Reply

    Jesus christ you need to turn the volume down, can't understand anything you're saying, but other than that the video is very informative.

  9. werdna0327 Reply

    Haven't started playing yet and this video really helped me understand the meta for each class. Great vid, thank you!

  10. Victor Cabecinha Reply

    found this rlly helpful thanks alot and keep good work +1 sup

  11. Yaza Jezzy Reply

    kahit stalker ako pde ko ba gamitin ibang skills ng mga job? katulad skills ng sniper ilalagay ko sa stalker pde ba un?

  12. dave_by_day Reply

    Do you rebirth in this game once you reach level 99? (go back to level 1), or do we just continue to 3rd jobs

  13. Denver John Lascano Reply

    Meron po bba kayo video ng best second char. Ng Ragnarok

  14. El Gonzales Reply

    wala talaga ako alam sa ragna pero mag lalaro ako…. assasin cross or white smith haha …. thanks for knowledge

  15. Death March Reply

    game sucks ass…. tried it today and it was super boring…

  16. Linda Path Reply

    I’m playing the English server that just released, how do you unlock the dancer class? Or do you have to pay 💰

  17. rosey_vxbess ! Reply

    I just started this game an hour ago AND IM ADDICTED

  18. TEN-pérez Reply

    which is the best character or class for PvP? wanna play only with the best so I don't lose time or money

  19. Love the vid, good job on your English bro from your fellow pinoy ✌️

  20. Thank you kuya.. in 1 hour is the release for Canada. EXCITING!!

  21. Dranreb Winer Reply

    Dto tlga ako nag simula eh. Isa kang alamat Sir Marvs! Dahil sa guide na ito na pili ko character ko ngayun which is WS and I'm in love with it. Superb in farming/mini/mvp hunts, pvp and crafting. Na dale mo ako sa sinabi mo na versatile ang ws and which is true – thank you for mentioning that. With my experience it's an overall all character indeed.Looking forward for the 3rd job mechanic (correct me if I'm wrong with the 3rd job haha).

    Tuloy2 sana mga blessings mo this new year! – More viewers more subscribers.

    Ps. I'm going to make my 1sg vid (lol novice) about my f2p ws which is lvl 97 atm. Wla pa nman ako experience sa pag edit nang vid which is maybe nasa 10-20mins duration haha. Pa Turo ulit sir Marvs. xD

  22. I’m stuck between Champion and Assassin, which one is better for soloing MVP bosses?

  23. IvanNocliP Reply

    This is the best job guide on Youtube. A update with newer experience would be nice =)

  24. electro dragneel Reply

    just asking if there is any builds for ranger for future purposes cause i see a lot of rangers on other servers and is ranger available on sea server now?

  25. tbh i prefer u lower down a lil for the music. i couldnt heard u so well

  26. Facundo garcía Reply

    Nice video bro, in Ragnarok of PC I always played with high Priest or stalker, in this format of mobile, Dagger Stalker is good at PvP? Or just the bow stalker is worth it, thanks

  27. Thank you for the video. I pre-registered today for this game, I am mainly PvP which class would you recommend me stalker or Across?

  28. Erick Jan Nabuab Reply

    Sir how about yung ranger, mechanic atbpng 4th job? meron ksi sa china server.

  29. Sa Ragnarok M Eternal Love po ba umaabot ng last job? Royal guard, warlock, mechanic ganun po? TIA po sa sasagot

  30. Vinícius Lucindo Reply

    Can you please skillpath me up from mage to optimal high wizz build? I'm atm clueless about what spell to get in order to get the proper build. I got so far lv 10 firebolt, lv 3 frostbite, lv 1 thunderbolt, and lv 3 ring of fire

  31. I give it a shot, but unfortunately, i really didn't enjoy this game.., too boring and i didnt play pc version so playing this game is confusing for newbie like me… Just not my type of a mmorpg i rather play other mmorpg than this crap 😒👎

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