A slightly more technical devlog video this week, as I talk about how I’m implementing a new GUI system for my city-builder game.

My previous game “Equilinox”:

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  1. The professionalism of this is really mind blowing. Also, while this is still just a devlog, I have found this very useful to me in my recent journey of learning Java. Seeing how you used objects and method parameters (and stuff like that) in the context of a game is very helpful to understand how i could actually utilize them. That is a detail which I find to be lacking in the Udemy courses I am following. Great video!

  2. Kartikey V Hebbar Reply

    Can you please guide me about the prerequisites of starting to develop games in java? What are the already available game engines for java and what all i need to learn well to start with the initial development?

  3. Is it good to use glViewPort() method to handle the resizing of the display?

  4. Faik Yesilyaprak Reply

    I would like to learn Java but I don't feel like there are lots of features in it. For example, how did you do this fancy gui in Java? Which library did you use ?

  5. Michael Ong Reply

    Why not use Yoga Layout? Its CSS flexbox made in C and has bindings for Java!

  6. Igor Kozlov Reply

    Thanks! It's so great. I repeated your concept via Constrains. more thanks!

  7. Are you gonna make a tutorial on how to make the gui or what books and sites helped you to develop your own?

  8. Heretic [Stanlyhalo] Reply

    I have been trying to make an OOP Game Engine, but the only part that is making me so mad, is setting the Parent of a subclass.

  9. Mylo Fawcett Reply

    Great devlog as always, but I was wondering how you get the game to keep on running during the screen resizing. I'm currently following your lwjgl/OpenGL Tutorial series and if I use Display.setResizeable(true) then the game freezes whenever I move/resize the screen. How can I fix this?

  10. Vlad Zhukov Reply

    Implemented constraint system like your in my GUI.

    Do you use constraints for transitions? My GUI just uses messages for communication so I setup GUI once and then only sample geometry primitives. Seems like animation done via this constraints would work nice ( a little bit limited however).

  11. Twinkly Tanya Plays Reply

    I love how "the lake" was just a bunch of trees. 😂👌🏻

  12. First time I've visited this channel for dev logs, and I'm really jealous of the outdoor view from your office!

  13. Do you have a recipe for the food you made with your friends, it looked delicious.

  14. Andrey Leshchiner Reply

    I don't know if someone else already asked this question, but what Text Editor do you use for your code?

  15. FrostDriveX Reply

    It's like all this guy does in life is the right things. He never gets on youtube and wastes life watching videos, never wastes life checking social media.

    He works. He goes outside, and he cooks with friends. This guys got it figured out.

  16. TecHackTutorials Reply

    I fucking love your videos, you inspire me to go and code. Am not good at all but would love to one day be as good as you. How did you learn Java? pls, answer!

  17. Chen Zunlan Reply

    IDK why your video popped up on my youtube but your video successfully attracted my attention! Great work so far by yourself and keep it up!

  18. Sonny Sandberg Reply

    Would it be possible to add a number system to the videos, so I am sure to get them in the right order?

  19. Garry Thompson Reply

    Hi, new viewer here, loving the work and was wondering if you'd ever considered open sourcing your engine? I studied game dev at uni and am considering getting back in as an indie hobbyist

  20. Your great taste in everything you do also shows through in your code.

  21. fuck you for this: Get access to the code and support the channel on Patreon

  22. 2:10 I would've suggested a two value system where your first value is the % of the screen and the second value is the pixel constant. so (0,20) would move the GUI to the right 0% of the full screen's width, plus 20 pixels. (1,0) would move the screen 100% to the right plus 0 pixels, and (1,-50) would move it 100% to the right, then back 50 pixels to the left.

    However, I'm not fluent in Java so what I'm asking for might be more trouble than it's worth…

  23. Michael Brannaka Reply

    It may sound like a dumb question what programming language are you using Thin Matrix C# or C++? I just starting to learn C# coding just recently.

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