Picasso utilizes two caches. In this video you’ll learn about them and how they affect image loading. Find the tutorials for an easy read and copy&paste code …




  1. Hatty xD1 Youtuber Reply

    this is what i call the future studio for real!

    you are knowledge god!

  2. Hanish Kumar Reply

    how to show correct image in Recycle view. it is showing upper image when scroll down then show the original image after some time.

  3. denny kurniawan Reply

    Great video but I can't understand your accent, please add subtitles.

  4. Henna Singh Reply

    How do you store the image in the cache when you download it from network for first time?

  5. Midosh Brown Reply

    great video, do you have a plan to do a Rxjava tutorial on android!!!i would like to see you making one

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