What is this weird feeling that Park Seo-jun is feeling? Kim Da-mi knows, and WE know, but why doesn’t he know? Why are drama heroes so often the last to …




  1. I loved this scene. Yiseo was the one who always stayed by his side and helped him to be successful during more than 4 years. I feel bad for Sooah but she wrongly assumed that he would be there for her no matter how many times she betrayed him by working with his enemy.

  2. TheBoogcatapus Reply

    I wouldn't mind dating the characters Park Seo Joon played in his dramas…he's literally perfect!

  3. he finally accepted and realized his feelings and what are the producers doing??? I WANT EPISODE 15 NOW

  4. Yi-seo has never faltered away from her feelings towards Saeroyi, whereas Sooah always wanted confirmation from Saeroyi. Sooah wants him but doesn't "want" him. Saeroyi deserves to be cherished and loved which I don't think Sooah could do as she's too ambitious and self-centred.. I hope it's a happy ending for Yi-seo and Saeroyi.

  5. Ani Fitriani Reply

    Being the third person in someone relationships is suck!!! I hate you Yi seo!!!

  6. I can’t imagine him with Sooah. They’re each other’s first love and they’ll remember it forever, but their relationship was so dull throughout the whole show. What, she’s waiting for him to save her from Jangga while she’s giving her 100% there? And he’s working so hard and is supposed to be with her after 10 years while they see each other from time to time? Imagine that marriage..
    And can we talk about Mrs Kang? She’s so cool and chill lol


  8. genevieve zaragosa Reply

    She keeps on doing big things to express her love for him… But if she suddenly stop!!! Its already done

  9. Mrinal Raghav Reply

    Because it's in the script 🙂 that's why you feel this way……..

  10. Kim Dami has very cute nuisances, even the slight pouting of her lips, the movement of her eyeballs make her so cute and so pleasant to watch. I could not think of Jo Yiseo without thinking of Kim Dami. This role was really made for her. 0:27

  11. TheLincolnrailsplitt Reply

    My heart in melting! Incredible chemistry. Great acting. 😍😍😍

  12. joonie bonsai Reply

    The fact that I binged watch this drama in 3 days cause of Ms. Corona and self quarantine tings but I think through everything Yi seo has been added to my list of fav female characters. For me, their relationship has been a joy to watch. I differ with the fact that people may think he should be with Soo Ah. She practically needed Saeroyi to state how he felt over and over again to feed her bit of selfishness. She’s already betrayed him a couple times anyway and lacked in efforts to believe in him for his goals. Yi seo grew a lot in between the 4 yr gap and she grew into even more hardworking and understanding women. May I say “DANG GIRL YOU BOLD” LOL

  13. sunny pannu Reply

    why do I feel like im the only one who wants this mans to get with soo ah

  14. Catherine K Reply

    Now he loves yi seo like crazy.!!But it's sad that it took him 4 yrs to realize his love for her.

  15. “I clearly told you that I don’t have any Feelings for You” 😭💔💔💔💔

  16. Trần Thái Reply

    So the Angel looks like this. I have never seen anyone as cute as her.

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