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  1. hihimanto Gaming Reply

    Can you tell us that how to place Google interstial ads in this Mp3.

  2. Hi, bro, I have seen full video more than 10 times but can't find the password. I have tried Technical GuRu but it is also not working.

  3. Oussama Abbou Reply

    Is it an Android studio project ?! And thanks a lot for all your efforts 🤩

  4. kazi md golam rabbi Reply

    আপনার ভিডিও টি ১৫-২০ বার দেখে password বের করে android studio te run করি কিন্ত এই project file ta kaz kore na error dekhai.Boss apni ai vabe project file share na kore android studio ye run kore amra ki ki change kore apps banao akta complete video banan insaallah apni o apnar channel popular hoye jabe

  5. kazi md golam rabbi Reply

    Thanks for your password your video is more attractive if you run this Project file to android studio and tell us how to change logo and how to use admob ads id etc. Thanks

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