Unboxing and review of the OPPO Find X2 Pro – Quite possibly the best Android Smartphone of 2020 so far – I Test the cameras, battery, Android features and …




  1. labhesh haria Reply

    Y don't mobile companies understand that there are many users who want 18:9 aspect ratio.. Nobody wants a foot ruler in the name of phone

  2. Please can you make a camera comparison between iPhone 11 Pro max, oppo find X2 pro

  3. Punch hole camera.. aaand €1200 eh? Guys, go for the Oppo Reno 10x zoom instead. Got the 8/256 gb model for €400 two weeks ago and it's great lol. You don't need 5G and the 10x zoom is already powerful enough to play most gc & wii games on dolphin in 1080p. What more do you want?

  4. Who on earth could care about unboxing experience? Why? I just need good phone and I do not care about unboxing… omg…

  5. Miguel Angel Reply

    s20 ultra battery looks big, 5000mah sure, but on reality is really bad. Oppo one last longer 😉


    I did some research and found out that the oppo find x2 pro does last almost up to 8hrs on QHD+ @ 120hz.

  7. If oppo had continue its "bezelless" phone without a punch hole, it beats all other phone's screen.

  8. danny alessandro Reply

    Could you let us know about the phones that emit least radiation ??
    I cant find a latest list on the net.
    I am currently using a Samsung S7Edge & its on a list i found out.
    I want to buy a new phone & this is one criteria i look forward to when wanting to purchase a phone.

  9. Nacho Joshas Reply

    I watch your videos just to see you and listening your beautifull accent and voice. So sexy and smooth.

  10. I constantly charge during the day so I like fast charging, that being said I also like long capacity for when I can't charge for whatever reason. So I also prefer the mix of both on the Ultra.

  11. I like the symmetry of the punch being in the middle of the screen. I HATED the s10+'s positioning of the punch, and even though it had 2 cameras instead of 1, VASTLY prefer my note 10+. Being off to the side just makes me feel off every time I look at the screen.

  12. Camillus Mgbemena Reply

    I'm kinda lost man. Thought they were giveaway results to be called🙂

  13. #SUGAR CONE studios Reply

    Can someone tell me where to find the screen protector for the find x2pro is

  14. JustPauseIt Reply

    Hey lets do it like im calling someone.
    "Oh shit the screen turned on, let me turn it off like nothing happened"

  15. kingsman castil Reply

    Samsung galaxy s20 ultra vs Oppo find x2 pro camera test. Can't wait hehe

  16. Why are u not doing midrange phones like Poco x2,realme x2 etc


  17. environmental damage wasteful packaging. major turn off. Too narrow.

  18. William Kelty Reply

    My thing is cell phone companys need to throw more money into innovation less into camera

  19. Best phone outside of battery. That 4260 mah battery is not enough for that 120Hz QHD+ display

  20. ZedOrFed Zone Reply

    This person is the first person that literally start the point in first seconds

  21. nero vanguard Reply

    Not getting a thousand dollar phone, let alone an oppo phone

  22. Ganda Gandara Reply

    Adding additional frames in a video to make it smoother is a MediaTek invention.

  23. Hans Diaz-Falth Reply

    ok but wtf the wired headphones for if it dont have a jack

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