Make a beautiful clean and fully functional onboarding screen layout in Android Studio In this part we are going to setup the viewpager intro slider. Illustration …


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  1. Arsenal Fernandez Inc Reply

    hello bro please I've trying this tutorial for a while and did not work automatically close can you please help me thanks.

  2. This is awesome!! It's very helpful to have the source code.

  3. what is the use of layout_screen.xml? It never shows up anyways 10:00

  4. Teguh Prasetyo Reply

    thanks for videos tutorial sir , i like this , because your design awesome to apply on mobile apps


    Hey nice video maye!! But i have a problem,my image turns out blur!! Can you help me??

  6. Anthony Chilán Reply

    How u remember whatever function could use in the moment?, i think i was take more time to resolve any problems when i code whatever app

  7. plase combine with firebase sir, your videos so great to learn

  8. Damnit Bobby Reply

    Thanks. This will be VERY useful for creating in app tutorials on how to use app features.

  9. isaac mart Reply

    nice one bro.which tool do you recommend for making such customized animated images on your onBoard screen?

  10. Manan Soni Reply

    how do you manage that demo you showed us ? Thats very great idea to represent provide something for that too please!

  11. All is good until 13:42……….
    Got error ' destroyItem(android.view.View, int, java.lang.Object)' is deprecated ' 🙁

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  13. Sai Yaswanth Reply

    In Activity.intro.xml u have got 2 errors but u didn't explained how you resolved it. I am getting those as errors while compiling

  14. Jaideep Reddy Gedi Reply

    what should i do if i need different layouts for each screen. please tell me..

  15. Javohir Ruzimurodov Reply

    What kind of emulator is this in the beginning of video? There is no in android studio emulator like this

  16. Renato Souza Reply

    Brother, your videos is a wonderful. From Brazil, thank you.

  17. Alberto Zarraga Reply

    Hello, I have a problem with the manifest, when I change it to show the "Onboarding", the application does not debug, could you help me, I get this message: keeps stopping

  18. mahmood imtiaz Reply

    Can you please share the app mockup video file 0:09 ?

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