In this video, I show you how to install Nova Launcher & ES File Explorer by giving you step by step instructions on customizing your box and making it look …




  1. Bernard Pinto Reply

    totally forgot this wonderfull app, sadly on oreo 8 it doesnt let you add widgets. theres no "hold & drag to set widget" even with mouse.

  2. Absolutely nothing is working for me. Your videos are great and helpful. That's not the issue. My particular setup, nothing works. I can't get no a launcher working, wallpapers don't work. Chrome themes don't work, my logitech wireless keyboard, the enter key doesn't work. I'm new to this whole android box thing and I'm ready to send it back and just buy a PC. Big price difference but atleast the PC works and I know how to use it
    Super frustrating!@@@@ 😡😡😡
    I have a T9 4Gb ram, 32 Gb storage. I can't get this hunk of junk to work the way I want. I should have bought a pc.

    Ugh, I need help!!

  3. Can I install nova launcher on Mi box S and use it without any problem?

  4. Hi, I bought my grands the EXW PRO BOXs that now need updating. My son said he used your site to update his firestick and he loved the ease of it. So, I thought I would reach out to you to see if you would be able to help me help the girls out.

  5. your saying this is for an android box but your saying left click and hold, so im presuming you need to use a mouse for this ti work, i dont find this very remote control friendly

  6. Angel bluerider Reply

    what happens when you power off the fire tv and power back on. when you turn on fire tv does it goes straight to that custom launcher?or does it go back to regular launcher.

  7. Pedro Rosado Reply

    The good news, i figured out how to get my pics n apps customized. The bad, my system still won't allow me to set this beautiful home screen as default. Anyone please help

  8. Pedro Rosado Reply

    Hey bro , love your video and I'm subscribing now cuz I like your way. But #1 when i click set as default home, doesn't give never or always option. Also downloaded pics , when im in es f/e , i select n check pics, click copy but when i go to home n page, nothin. Help

  9. Penitent Theif Reply

    Layout issues with my Mecool M8S Pro L. I have installed 5.4.4 but still not compatible. Any fix ?

  10. tv box Tv box launcher Reply

    Thanks so much man. I will in a couple of days just finishing of some code on it 🙂

  11. tv box Tv box launcher Reply

    Hey man is there any way to get you to review my new TV box launcher i have made?

  12. Asif Ellahi Reply

    Super dell does nova launcher work on an amazon fire tv box not thr stick but the amazon box

  13. Thomas Luther Reply

    I love the Nova launcher but how do you get the navigation bar back? An Android TV box without a navigation bar is useless.

  14. Mernel Bourque Reply

    WOW,,,,,Thank You and I Love It! I have X96 Android Tv Box :]

  15. Surya Patel Reply

    We can download Playstore apk first and then install directly everything from there.

  16. Loco_white_boi Reply

    will this launcher affect the add-ons already installed on my Android 4k box from the person I purchased it from? I'm a 2 month old newbie but slowly catching on. Cheers !

  17. Unknown Man Reply

    I have kind of problem….
    When i download nova on my phone it works fine but when i want to download it on tv box it starts normal and little window pops up to chose launcher nova and some oranth launcher comes up and when i select nova and clik use always app just crashes not just nova i installed lot of launcers (google launcher and many many more) and it have same problem what can i do to make it work?

  18. TheBigb1973 Reply

    How come after I reboot my box to screen goes back to normal until I hit the home button and then the custom screen kicks in

  19. Each time I click " select default home" it kicks me out, and I'm not able to continue forward. Is there a setup using the shield?

  20. cusecruiser Reply

    Hey Dell – new to this world of Nividia Shield and Kodi. Thanks so much for your excellent videos, they have helped a lot. I really appreciate your slow paced articulate tutorials!
    I installed Nova and I am in the process of customizing it before I make it the default. Is there a way to add the Google suggestions section that appears on the top of the original install. I really like the suggestions and don't want to lose them. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


    I don't know if you'll see this but I figured you might know the answer to this question. I've got an Android TV Box coming my way and I'm going to kind of use it as a Chromebox. Because really it already is one except for two issues —

    1. My Beelink A1 is running 7.1ish and basically always will. (Whereas a Chromebox updates the OS always I guess.)
    2. When I open apps on the TV box they'll always go fullscreen. Whereas on a Chromebox you have the option to have them not take up the fullscreen.

    My question is about this fullscreen business. I know Nougat will allow me to splitscreen — which will give at least the illusion of smaller apps. But is there already a way to make apps NOT open fullscreen on TV boxes? Do you know what I mean?

  22. Why didn't you install nova launcher through the play store?

  23. Guadalupe Garcia Reply

    my bro good looks brother i like nova launcher i watch the whole video and you tought me some things thank you man

  24. How do you get the recent apps tab to show on this launcher, sort of the way the bottom of a cell phone shows the back button, the home button, and the recent apps square on the bottom? Thanks.

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