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  1. joanna byrne Reply

    Thank you, saved me from a lot of hassle, brilliant, clear advice. Well done and thanks once again!

  2. also to let you know , i did this on a s8 and if anybody has a s8 or anything that doesnt have a home button , hold the bixby button as the home button itll reset for you

  3. Interbomb 10 Reply

    Omg thank u so much my phone is an andriod im happy i have a backup phone

  4. Mate you are a legend my man could not use phone for ages this method worked got all my baby’s photos back thank you kindly my brother for the help

  5. Susan Mitchell Reply

    My get hot – turns off and on by it self c- can make a call but texting is uneasy

  6. Agustina Ximeyo Reply

    Thank you so much my daughter was so worried because we just brought her a phone

  7. Konstantina V. Reply

    i press the vol down button to choose cancel (restart phone) but it doesnt seem to be working. what should i do?

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