Are you looking to learn how to use your Android device? In this class we’ll teach you all the basics of using an Android. This particular class demonstrates this …




  1. Hugh Hemington Reply

    Quite a lot of whining at the beginning that really doesn't serve someone trying to get going on the Android in front of them.

  2. geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz Reply

    I watched a few minutes and that's it. I just can't take it anymore.

  3. Now that Android v7.0 is out, any chance of making a new version of this video?

  4. Emily Gregory Reply

    i have a 6.0 marshmallow tablet and was wondering what kind if any virus remover i need,if i were to get one,thank you

  5. Thom McHugh Reply

    Odd that I had an old crappy android phone that allowed me to record phone calls with exceptionally clarity and very good ease. Not my J3! LOLOL

  6. StPalliGrl Reply

    Wow……some people actually need to know how to make and receive, save and delete, access voice mail and whatever else the phone features for phone calls……..because they use their phone to actually TALK to people….

  7. Thanks for this. Trying to teach my mom how to use her Android devices – a task much like trying to eat soup with a knife and fork… possible, not probable. Your vids are going to make it so much easier. Really appreciate the efforts and CONGRATS on your channel, site, etc, etc, etc… was this 'hugeness' what you expected when you started your brand?

  8. soluv2cuthair Reply

    Thank you so much, I have friends that are completely lost with their A742 Azpen tablet. This will help a lot to find their way around their tablet. If there are a lot of differences, hope you do a video of their tablet.

  9. Philip Pilkington Reply

    Thank you David, easy to follow I am 79 years old with my new smart phone, made my day, cheers

  10. Ravenclaw Avenger Reply

    You could use an update here though it's not a bad video. You did demonstrate with a Samsung device which uses some features differently than other devices. The newer Android systems use the device memory differently. In Android 4.1 /sdcard is independent of /data. In Android 4.4 and higher /sdcard is mounted under /data. Thus all of the built-in memory can be used for apps or user data.

  11. Rich Grimshaw Reply

    Thanks for the help, David. I'm brand new to Android, and you have really helped me get oriented to it.

  12. Tuula Westra Reply

    The phone looks like nothing I have, off to the bookstore to buy Smartphone for Idiots,

  13. Dolores Marconi Reply

    To much bla bla, not enough information on how to make and receive calls.

  14. Angelo Montalbano Reply

    I hope you understand that RAM or "Memory" is different from the Hard Drive. If not, then you lack the credibility to teach others about technology.

  15. Nanchi Knives Reply

    a lot has changed about apple and Android since this vid now I get updates weekly for android

  16. Brian Adkins Reply

    The live wallpaper is driving me nuts. I can't watch this shit.

  17. Gloria Manson Reply

    Trying to find a 10.1" keyboard cover got my Android tablet

  18. Neo Blitzktrieg Reply

    Just as an FYI to those who watch this. Google is not in charge of the updates to these devices, the manufacturer of the device is (eg: Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS). Because of that the latest Android OS is usually not available, mostly because in 1 to 2 yesrs they want you to buy a new device (hey just like Apple!). Also take note that if you upgrade an iPad 2 that has older hardware than way an iPad 4 or Air, to the latest version of iOS it will bog down and become slower. The other advantage with android is something called rooting, and something else called ROM flashing. If you learn enough you can put one or two generations newer Android OS on an older Android device. Just do it with caution, because if it is done improperly it can ruin the tablet.

  19. Kate Garcia Reply

    I am trying to set up my KitKat 4.4 Android, but I can't get the English language. I hit the wrong language andnow can't get back to where I need to be to get it in English. Please help

  20. How to Android Reply

    You dont fully understand Android operating system. The variation between devices is all because of the different smart phone providers. Google has worked hard to keep the commonalities such as Google Play so that everyone uses the same App store for example

  21. Doris Camilleri Reply

    I am a beginner I realy can't learn how to ure the tablet hope I will now..TY..

  22. Help!  I have old technology. MSI Primo 73 that I got to download art tutorials on and play at my art table.  Hit and miss I was able to record once but now forgot.  I can't find any tutorials online and all the youtube Tuts are not in English.  Where can I go to get information on this device?

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