This is the Best Android OS for your old and slow Laptop or PC…

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  1. It should succeed if it's cross platform. I hope it all works out because I'm so sick of windows.

  2. Talha Ahmed Reply

    I my pc pubg dose not work can I play with that android ?

  3. MihaiSiPunct Reply

    This OS supports keymapping apps like Octopus or Tincore to play shooters like on Windows

  4. HolyDragonGuy Reply

    My uncle got this one i think lol i was laughing the whole time the operating system had me laughing


    how to install where is installation tutorial stupid person

  6. GuysTopGun N Reply

    its unsafe because most of apps need permission of your media photos music etc

  7. it is not for computer, its for laptop only…i have tried many ways to install in pc..even no youtubers have not tried in pc….they show us on laptop..and u r doing same bro..try it in PC then titled it "for PC" ..good video by the from kolkata..

  8. Try It Studio Reply

    For old laptops Lubuntu is a better option too, and it's free.

  9. Fouad Ahmed Longi Reply

    Will it support dual operating system Windows 10 & Prime OS

  10. Bro please help. Anytime i try to install, i keep getting boot record partition mount failed

  11. Washim Akram Reply

    electricity gone ,thats the lesson you should always have a UPS or laptop battery full all the time

  12. Ankur M.Vernian Reply

    Sir, I need your help. I wanted to dual boot prime os with my existing windows 10. I have successfully installed the mainline version of Prime os from a USB on a separate 30 Gb drive. But after the restart, the pc booted automatically to Windows 10. Then I again repeated the installation process. I ran prime os after installation instead of reboot. Then it took me to the setup of the os. After some time, I restarted my pc to check the grub menu. But again it booted to Win10. what to do

  13. anurag ka asli baap Reply

    Can we play our pc games after installing this

  14. Man, I think you should try "BLISS OS". Bliss OS actually does give updates. and the most amazing part is, this Bliss OS already have the latest android 10 update! cool, isn't it? <3

  15. Nothing Important Reply

    Bro forget about pubg garbage and please let us know if we can download Netflix or HBO go from play store and if those apps are running in native resolution.

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