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  2. Moonchild Mimi Reply

    Easy choreo to learn?! What?! 😭😭😭 I cant even do the shoulder thing from the start.

  3. I was in complete awe when the MV came out, it’s definitely Chae and Ryunins era

  4. I love how the members interact with each other. They seem like best friends. Imo JYP groups usually have great chemistry.

  5. Joan Ngethe Reply

    Ryujin is Honestly out here to come after our bias lists. My bias is Yeji and bia wrecker is Yuna but after this comeback……..Dang Ryujin y u gotta do this to Midzy

  6. I love the dance for this I can’t stop watching ryujin fancams for it

  7. Chaos&Carnage Reply

    The choreo was my fav! maybe we just hold itzy to high standard for dancing at this point

  8. Mayeda Noor Reply

    People either hate Wannabe or love it,I’m one of he people who hate it,idk why,it was a bit underwhelming,it made me feel like how I felt when I first listened to Lion,which was “Did the producers think this was actually good?” Listening to it again helps me like it more but I still don’t think I’ll be putting it on my playlist as it was a bit disappointing for me. Also,you said that you didn’t like ICY at the first listen cause it was a bit noisy and loud and all over the place,I sorta like songs which are loud like that,I don’t really vibe with songs that have a whole build up to them,to me it’s a bit boring (I can smell the hate comments cooking in the reply section already lmao)

  9. yes its soty. it has always been soty even before the song even came out

  10. Oh my god I’m it the only one I really wasn’t jiving with Itzy but with this song I am starting to stand them.

  11. Joselyn Salcido Reply

    Tbh wannabe was not for me I kinda expected more but I really love their other songs.

  12. Hee Kau Bian Reply

    I'm pretty concerned. There are a lot of solo stans within Midzy. People having text fights because their favs are not in the spotlight enough. I think JYP learnt their lesson with favourites. I think solo stans tend to happen with smaller groups (4-5 members). I think Itzy is one of those groups that truly has phenomenal dynamics and if you look at all their videos they are very very close. This bond must be cherished it's not a given. Don't let your solo stanning take away that first and foremost, they are a girl group, and their destinies are intertwined and all members must be happy for them to perform their best. Try to widen your lens to include the whole group, and not just that one shining member that you want more spotlight, lines, screentime, and resources at the expense of other members.

  13. Vivian Brooks Reply

    My opinion but I find it pretty dumb with this whole “one member shines each cb” thing. Like what’s the point in having a group if you’re just gonna center a title track around 1 member? It seems like a dumb excuse to favour more popular members

  14. Nathalie Multifandom Reply

    Wannabe literally played as an ad before this video and it made me the happiest

  15. I know everyone keeps saying this is Rujins era but I cant keep my eyes of chaeryeong everytime i see ITZY this comeback she won really

  16. Bram Lastname Reply

    Video: "They put out 7 tracks, as a Blink I can't even comprend that."

    Me: "There's still Blinks out there?"

    PS: No offense but Black Pink could've been perfect,
    But they aren't and will never be.
    The old Black Pink
    With their limitless potential
    No longer exists.

    PPS: I don't like Itzy's signature sound,
    So I'd recommend every Blink to check out Faky.
    Faky for me is just a fraction of what I saw in Black Pink,
    But Black Pink had their chance
    And they squandered it.

  17. Daniela Otiura Reply

    I think dreamcatcher scream would soty, some yall sleeping on dreamcatcher and i actually feel bad for the people who are sleeping on them

  18. I feel like for song of the year it’s for psycho or lion bu my queens gidle

  19. Lia is very vocally gifted and I honestly hope JYP makes a comeback that allows Lia to shine that way in the future. She deserves better and she really stood out to me this era despite her story line being done a bit dirty (in my opinion)

  20. I 100% agree with the lyrics like i love the intention but it sounds so??.. meh, like whoever is writing this lyrics is not good, and i have this problem with all their songs, i love itzy tho

  21. stream Feel Special Reply

    Ok but am I the only one that thinks Lia also slayed this era?

  22. honestly, i don’t like the song as much as icy and dalla my favourite part of the song is by far the dance break because it has that unique itzy flavour

  23. Jeremias Iraheta Reply

    The choreo isnt bad (for me atleast) it just find it very awkward and I feel like the dance isnt cohesive making it harder to sing live, kinda sucks it's a good dance

  24. Seriah Knowles Reply

    no matter how i see it i feel like jyps stylists are trying to turn lia into another jennie, theres just too many similarities

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