This is a port of TWRP to the a95x S905 Amlogic TV box – We have found it works flawlessly on the MXQPRO S905 TV Box and I am sure it also works on other …




  1. MXQ PROJECT Reply

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  2. minasuki 11 Reply

    Is it working on SD card? Is it a live version of linux. You keep talking about useless details but not giving how to really install. If someone doesn't know how to push the reset button what the hell he is doing around this tutorial. Just tell people how to install forget the rest.


  3. Warp Speed Power Reply

    It would make more sense, and also be much easier, if the programmers behind the Amlogic USB Burning Tool would include a backup feature. I'm sure it's possible to do. It would be much, much easier and faster to do. Only takes a few minutes to flash a device with USB Burning Tool, therefore it should take about the same amount of time to make a backup image. Not that the method in the video is particularly difficult, it's just more cumbersome if you have to manage several devices for larger deployments. Like a reseller who sells customized boxes for a target market or a particular type of customer base.

  4. Pauu Pineda Reply

    How can i use live net tv in my mxq pro? It wont open. Can you please help me? 😭

  5. My android box MXQ Pro 4k does not have a reset button.I tried the link you posted Rashir-Playstore APK but nothing comes up. Could you please tell me what to do? How can I reset my device? Thanks


    amigo o meu ficou nessa tela a´do seu video,na tela de recouvery e não sai mais e nem reseta mais,ele tem conserto ainda?

  7. Not work
    for my
    MXQ 4K+ S905X no response,Enter the official recovery

  8. Donna Peroche Reply

    you look like an angry old woman on one of her last menstrual cycles. Lose the hair band

  9. Danyel Danyel Reply

    For Q box S905X How i can backup my firmware before to install another version of firmware….

  10. Wellington Carlos Reply

    Firmware rk322x-box firmware 7.1.2 nhg47k/akrd ???

  11. I have a problem my MXQ pro 4k stuck on logo Mbox I tried the reboot and install new firmware but nothing happens. can you help me and guide me.

  12. shailendra tare Reply

    How to go to recovery mode without toothpick method? Coz I have tried with that a lot of times. I need to know if we can do something like pressing keys on remote so I can access recovery mode . Thank you.

  13. dattatrya patil Reply

    Anybody help me, please do.. My mxq pro 4k android device not working, it's shows only Android logo not going to reset. If any one know how to work it or how to new os Android, I have try to use recovery software but it won't working. So please suggest me

  14. Mystik Gaming Reply

    I grabbed this box from a friend. He must have bricked it. It's stuck in a bootloop and no matter what firmware I flash it constantly bootloops every time! Anyone have any ideas

  15. Celalettin Akarcay Reply

    Hello Matthew How are you? I like your video and I need your help , for my MXQ S805. Can you please help me if you look your other videos for MXQ S805 you will see my notes for you and for your help please. I appreciate if you can help PLEASE.

  16. Melwin Vadakkoot Jijo Reply

    I purchased a mxq-4k box.Using cpu-z app it shows that it has rk3066 chip and it runs s on nougut 7.1.2 ROM.I searched a lot regarding this box,but didn't find any results. Can you please help me…..

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