MXQ Pro 4K 2017 Internet TV Box Review – Android 7.1 Nougat ➡️ Buy from Banggood: ➡️ Buy from Gearbest: TOP …


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  1. rubicon nz Reply

    Appreciate time and effort You go to to rank these _ Looking for a box that supports Local TV, Kodi ( Preinstalled ) You Tube , World Tv , Radio _ Not into games _good processor , memory easy to use and reasonably priced for someone who has never owned a TV Box What would You suggest ? Live in Australia

  2. Hi what if you screencast 1080p will it render at the tv box as 1080p?

  3. Drago Mitar Reply

    Hello one question please my Mxq pro mini don’t open Ply Store Also not open media center KODI if you can tell me or help thank you Drago

  4. Moises Echeverria Reply

    hello, these tv boxes are upgradeable to another version of android, for example android 8.1

  5. DEAL HUNTER Reply

    @*sub40bucks* do you think this is a good budget buy ? Any other suggestions for a good box in the sub $40 range ??? Nice video, Thanks DEAL HUNTER

  6. JohnDIGG@ (#RapThanos) Reply

    Can u download my spectrum tv app using this?! 🧐🤔

  7. Шмель Reply

    Ich kaufte eine TV-BOX auf der Website SwitchOnShop tv-box war zufrieden

  8. Hi mate… Does your device have ROOT ACCESS..? I have the same device, do you think it would be a good idea to root it? THANX

  9. How did you install real racing 3 do you need a controller with tilt sensors or something

  10. nixonsmateruby1 Reply

    Why don't you rate the box by what we all buy them for? Free MOVIES, and their ability to play them. Haha. Simple's.

  11. I am not who you think I am Reply

    Can I use BBC iplayer/ITV player on this and will they be the same default layout?

  12. No Where Man Reply

    dapat sya ang mag review at sabihin nya ang dapat gawin

  13. groetwitbaas Reply

    how do you add ur google play store email address? mine doesnt work

  14. Kamran Khan Reply

    Does CCTV App V380 is supported for watching camera footage on TV screen?? Please reply

  15. Virgi Awan Reply

    Aku beli 1 saya pasang nyalah 3 jam pertama trus tidak nyalah lampu led biru

  16. Hi I'm looking to see if the videos will play one after each other automatically and loop the videos in that folder. Is this a possibility.

  17. Ruben Gaming21 Reply

    I herd that it can make you internet good i don’t no if that’s true or not ?

  18. Zafar Jaffary Reply

    Hi Chigz
    I have this box and struggling to setup with my sony HT, it has Digital inputs: coaxial, optical and hdmi cable but i am not able to get 5.1 channel sounds, Andriod box MXQ Pro has SPDIF and hdmi but which cable i should use it to connected with my Sony home theater.

  19. HM Barkatur Rahman Dhrubo Reply

    how to play fps game like modern combat 5 on tv box?

  20. Hi , thanks for making good video 👌 how Can i input iptv link in Max q ?

  21. Theholocaust Isalie Reply

    Lost my channels in the purge.

    Glad I remembered your name.

  22. ok so i found this and i was trying to make my setup better so can someone please tell me what it does

  23. wayde weber Reply

    Are these still usable in 2019? Or are they now outdated?

  24. Lightingale X Reply

    Little tip for this device enable developer options and check "do not keep activities" and "no background processes" when downloading stuff just stay on the app while downloading and imo you will have a much better performance with mxq pro

  25. Emil Rylander Reply

    Was about to buy, but just remembered I got my hackable Nintendo switch, witch can run fully android 8.0, with nvidia tegra X2 ship just like the nvidia shield tv. 🙏

  26. Lightingale X Reply

    Can I hook a targus wireless mouse and keyboard to it using a dongle?

  27. Liz Sutton Reply

    My MXQPro+ does not have Kodi installed. I was told Kodi was now no more. Is there another program I can download from?

  28. uzamaki ichizu Reply

    Hey to watch a channel does need wifi connection right

  29. I tried getting fortnite but it said not compatibable. Is there any way to play Forrnite?

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