This is our very first video for the MXQProject, its a raw unedited video where I simply wanted to say hi and let as many people know about what their hardware …




  1. MXQ PROJECT Reply

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  2. Nathan Fredette Reply

    I have the KCA-008-1.2 board, and now I only get the indicator light on, no recovery, and in the usb burning tool it gets stuck at 2% with a romcode/../USB Control Error

  3. Olá amigo autoalizei mais só fica na tela vermelha você pode me ajudar ???

  4. Rodrigo Polari Reply

    Is it compatible with the mxq m201_n board of the kvv-017 model? Thank you

  5. MrCougar214 Reply

    I managed to get this flashed on my beelink mxq but it's running like garbage. Like it's got a serious memory leak or something.

  6. Celalettin Akarcay Reply

    Hello Be careful Matthew nice guy. He is not showing from here but I will tell you first you need to down load TWRP file as Recovery, than use Abduls, KI-Lollipop-20160908 file from but. I try to upgrade my box my box was working no problem, when I was in TWRP file try to back up my MXQ S805  files data to save my box I was backing up but bad thing happened TWRP frozed when I was recovering my MXQ data now I lost my box completely Comes up FREAKTAB.COM all the time on the box red light on all so. I put LibreELEC two times. When I remove power cord goes back to FREAKTAB.COM. Matthew right please back up your file first to save your box before you do anything else.  If you can not back up your system do not try to update  firmware other wise you will loose your box completely. I am Electrical and Electronic Engineer this happened I can even help my self and my box. Because I can not find the circuit diagrams to work on it.Last two weeks I watch every you tube video and checked internet for information. But NONEGOOD LUCK YOU ALL AND PLEASE BE CAREFUL LISTEN MATTHEW LISTEN WHAT HE SAYS, HE IS THE GUY HE KNOWS HOW TO DOIT, PLEASE.

  7. Andrew Webster Reply

    I have just updated my MXQ Box and i have no wifi it will not turn on how to solve this?

  8. Tavares Ferreira Reply

    Lolipop working but IR control and Wireless is not working… I cant turm on the wi-fi. Any help?

  9. Abbe Moreno Reply

    I have thos box and it was working fine but has now reset the date to the 3/1/1970 and it wont let me manually change the date (just showing as change date format!) And its not showing anything past 1970!! Its driving me crazy as all help videos show how to get to the date/time menus but not what to do if it doesnt give you the option for todays date! Any help appreciated Pleeease!!

  10. Carlos Edwards Reply

    Can it be loaded via usb burning tool, or do you have the image file to be loaded via USB. thanks in andvance

  11. Michael Oliveira Reply

    I did everything as you taught it all worked out, but it does not connect any more to Wi-Fi. Can you help me please?

  12. my ott mxq s805 v2 update lolli but is bootloop, i use firmware from abduls

  13. lee stop blowing smoke Reply

    hi will this work for my box it's an. am_mxq_a 20150825 I need the Wi-Fi chip and controler to work tho

  14. MrCougar214 Reply

    I have the MXQ Beelink version. The one with the red strip in the corner and power button on the top. Will this FW work for that box?

  15. Edwin Martinez Reply

    Dear. sr.could you send me haw to get the filmware and haw to do the openelec please

  16. Scott Clark Reply

    I have a MXQ S805 FULLY LOADED Quad Core Android 4.4 Smart TV Box with Kodi 16, I was told that it should be updated past 4.4 and that I should be able to have Kodi v17, but it won't let me update/upgrade my box, how do I fix this? also my box doesn't have the google play store…

  17. Lucas Silva Reply

    Hello, I have such a box and am looking for an update for it. Could you pass me the link to the download? Or are you still testing?

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