Yes, lollipop is available for the MXQ S805 processor – All credit goes to Abdul_pt, rom developer from Freaktab

Please Note: Proceed with this tutorial at your own risk – This may not work on your hardware, this was originally aimed at the K1 not the MXQ – We enjoy experimenting with this stuff and it worked for us, however it may not work for you – Ensure your comfortable with this, before proceeding.

Lollipop and TWRP file –

Good idea to backup your current system setup, using TWRP to save your system setup – Check out further info on that and TWRP here

Troubleshooting Quick Ref – Their are a lot of ‘unknowns’ that I couldn’t really cover in this guide, majority of the time it usually goes pretty smoothly, but it can be unpredictable.

TWRP Fails to install the rom – Try using TWRP to wipe your system and format data ‘backup first’ then try again.

Troubleshooting Guide –

Let me no if you manage to get it running on your MXQ.

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  1. Awesome TV Boxes Check Them All Out Here

    Check out the Beelink GT-King

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  2. Sir whyy my mxq not launching to the desktop? I need your help ☹️

  3. Frikkie Smit Reply

    Great this worked!! Thank you for the video tutorial. I have the MXQ Kernel 4.2.2. WORKS PERFECT!!!

  4. ok it worked but no wifi can i solve the problem or is there is any other file can be installed ?

  5. There are additional new files on linked you provided. My box stuck on the first logo "amlogic s805"… Won't boot TWRP, or even Android. It boots to Android recovery if I remove the SD card, and or remove recovery.img file. If I attempt to load Abdul's program through Android recovery>SD it doesn't work obviously. Any idea why red screen doesn't show up?

  6. Ronaldo Souza Reply

    Conseguimos atualizar a TV JVC LT-65N575 , com android 4.4.2 para 5.1, apenas não funcionou a wifi.

  7. Ronaldo Souza Reply

    Conseguimos atualizar,…… 4.4.2 para 5.1,………tv jvc LT65N575 de 65 polegadas.

  8. Hi, I installed this update and its always repeat the welcome and select language, after connecting to wifi comes back to this screen. and I cannot goto recovery mode hardware rest is now also not working. all i see is welcome screen select languange choose wifi and come back to same step. there is only always red light on the tvbox. Amlogic S805, Sumavision BOX.

    looking for help. thanks.

  9. I did what you said and now all iam getting is a black screen , the blue button is on but all i got is a black screen !!! WHAT TO DO ?

  10. I followed the instructions and was able to completely upgrade my MXQ box. Then I noticed that the MAC address changes randomly. Any clues of what's making this happen?

  11. I have one very similar, a OTT TV Box S905. Looks identical to the one in this video.

    Mine failed to load recovery. However, there was still a way to get it on. I was able to do manual update within settings and select the Lollipop firmware on the SDCard. The first time it loaded, it locked up at the Freaktab screen. I thought I bricked it so I cycled power. Then it made it to the android screen and it took a long time to complete. I had to let it sit for about 10 minutes. After it finally made it to initial setup, I rebooted it and now it loads fine.

  12. PAULINO TECH Reply

    Instaló y todo pero se queda en el bombillo rojo, alguna solución para eso?

  13. RETO TE RETO Reply

    Gracias por el gran trabajo. tenerlo instalado en un mxq black s805 ver 2.0 – 1g 8g

  14. RETO TE RETO Reply

    eres un genio bro! me gusto la explicacion que diste aque solo la vi en ingles es facil d eentender gracias saludo desde RD

  15. Horst Preuß Reply

    Thank you for the great work. have it installed on a mxq black s805 ver 2.0 – 1g 8g

  16. Universal Lights Reply

    can you make new video as there is more files now since last video

  17. Sorry it's doesn't work what can I do reset to the factory please thanks

  18. Sorry it's doesn't work what can I do reset to the factory please thanks

  19. Joseph Pahrle Reply

    couple big secrets to this get missed by jumping the gun.. assumed I could pull the sdcard on the reboot, didn't appear to be the case, but maybe it would work as normally does.. I saw the boot into OS take a bit longer with it in.. maybe it's because that sdcard is huge.

    Thank you for pointing out to pick wifi & just once.. got myself locked out of setup 3x by not picking [just once] & [wifi]. in always mode it never let me put in a wifi password or skip the process.. oddly, it lets you skip the process when you pick wifi & just once. That part made me really happy.

    I successfully setup an IIOT box with only 4 gig of memory & the s805 chip. Took a lot longer for the google play store to connect than it did with the the original 4.4.2 firmware, but the picture appears far better on the tv than it was on 4.4.2.

  20. I need this firmware but with RTL8189ETV wifi chip support? Does anyone have that. This is working but no wifi.


    Am i the only one facing audio problem or someone else is also having the same problem which i m facing


    Can u pls pls help me out i have installed 5.1.1 lollipop on mxq box by seeing your video,box is working,video is working but unfortunately i dont have audio. Pls pls help me i will b thankful 2 u

  23. If it seems to not work and hangs or reset loop. WAIT ATLEAST 10 mins. It worked for me eventually by itself!

  24. Clinton Post Reply

    I did something wrong. It won't boot up to anything unless I use a recovery image. When I try to install linux or lolipop it gets a lot of errors about unable to mount. or unmount. Help

  25. Аляксандр Ленец Reply

    Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста почему слетает прошивка каждый день?

  26. Wayland Smithers Reply

    Doesn't work, I get a boot screen for FreakTab on it, then after about a minute blank screen (no signal) on TV, whats going on here? It's an MXQ All-Black 1.0

  27. gtrdrumsplayerduarte Reply

    Was a nice passtime. It worked and booted, but Wi-Fi didn't work. The system crawled a little.

  28. غضب اليل Reply

    Hello my friend need a firmware for the m96x mini device Many people are looking for a hard drive and have not found it.

  29. - Strahinja - Reply

    How i can flash my Amlogic S805? Android is broken completely! By the way board is mounted in my TV, now I know I made mistake buying that TV. Now, all I know that I have Amlogic S805.5cwith Android 4.4.2, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. How to wipe old Android, install Android 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 with SD Card. Also, reset button doesn't open Recovery Mode, all it does is reset. Where I can download Android OS and how to make TWRP work on this board?

  30. Nicolás Soria Reply

    hola, con este update se soluciona la inestabilidad de netflix? saludos

  31. my bad it dose work remolt and shot down is not working but i can deal wit that thank great job

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