Although Rita Wilson is well-known as an actress and film producer, her most recent projects have all been connected to her passion for music. After achieving …




  1. JoAnn Wilson Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful song. Only someone who had cancer can know how precious life really is and can celebrate their death while they are alive! I want to be invited to your party!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful uplifting song, beautifully sung. Hope both you and Tom get better soon Rita x

  3. Just got to see Rita in Sydney. Lover her! She is so sweet and gracious. Great song! Recover quickly. Blessings to you and your husband……..

  4. bonita montgomery Reply

    This is a great song! What a concept, writing about what she wants after her own death!! Unique and awesome!

  5. Penelope Stout Reply

    Praying for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's complete recovery from COVID-19.

  6. Kaldonia1111 Kaldonia Reply

    Thank you for knowing what you wanted and sharing your beautiful soul and gift with the world. 🙏🏼☺️♥️

  7. Recently I lost my husband to cancer. Today would have been his birthday.

    Your song is very inspiring and comforting to me. ❤️

  8. Kimberley Jones Reply

    Sooo beautiful. Tears in my eyes. Thank you! Bless you. 💗

  9. Eduardo Flores Reply

    I want to say thank you for your words and sensibility. So deep, simple and joyful!

  10. Carrie Kang Reply

    Thank you very much for the inspiration and the joy! Yes, we celebrate life!

  11. beatrix emden Reply

    Thank you so, Rita.. for your wonderful speech (it gives us hope and belief it is never too late to realize what you really want! and being able to go for it! ) and this beautiful song, so beautifully sang and the lyrics are amazing… just like after having left this life on this Earth, will be, a true celebration! Thank you for being you in your very own colors..and sharing with the world….. Love, Beatrix

  12. I just love this…it is so full of joy and hope in life now, and later!😘

  13. Yes! We’ll throw you a party right now Rita. 🥳🎉 Many thanks for you being you. 💝

  14. Cynthia Sari Reply

    This song is so beautiful… tearing up listening and watching you. I love you Rita!!!

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