The Manchester derby is Manchester United versus Manchester City. All of these ——————————————————————– Second Channel: …




  1. So when City beat United 1-0 back in 2012 to clinch the title wasn't as intense as the Community Shield? How about the first Derby of Guardiola and Mourinho era? or Pellegrini's and Moyes first or Mancini's and Ferguson's last? the FA Cup semi final ? What about in 2017 when City won at OT to win the title by December, just like you puted United's victory in 2012. Just change the title to every time United beat City

  2. Akshat Hooda Reply

    Pasue at 4:17, it looks offside to me. Correct me. Thanks. City fan here. Not ashamed. Actually, it's weird to say, but I support both united and city. United for their amazing history, and city for current domination. This was actually done by manchester fans before wwII. Amongst them, City have just a bit of an edge. NO hatred to any team. I appreciate every good tactical team.

  3. Amos Williams Reply

    I don't know am crying,,,This when i used to know the result of the game before the game starts

  4. CRB Premier Reply

    How have you missed the FA Cup semi final out front 2011 and the last derby at Maine Road?

  5. Mohammed Ahmed Reply

    ballotelli only scored 20 goals at Man City and still had the "why always me?" vest thing



  7. Of course, 1 win-City 5 win-united rooney best player manchester united

  8. Xxjoshyboyxx 59 Reply

    Let’s all admit I think Manchester United have won more derbies than Manchester City plus the one what has just gone Which was on the 7th of December 2019

  9. Rajiv Bartwal Reply

    Ferguson reaction was gold when Rooney executed volley❤️

  10. Tahmid Chowdhury Reply

    Rooney goal gave me goosebumps once again. What a legend he is!!

  11. Takudzwa Mabande Reply

    I love Manchester Derbies, they always have drama whatever the outcome. Watching them again is somehow better than seeing them live.

  12. Azizysasranegara 21 Reply

    At minute 8:00 smallibg scored just like when he scores against city at 2018

  13. lolipedofin Reply

    Man, I missed Rooney…. he left 1-2 seasons too fast. Him and Carrick, but especially him, was the last vestige of class left in Man United…. His presence on the pitch was sorely missed.

  14. Muhammad Adzrin Md ZU Reply

    how much i miss sir alex ferguson after watching this vid

  15. Emperor Palpatine Reply

    Something I have always said was that the criticisms on Smalling were unjustified. He was actually a really good player, but the criticisms drained him of confidence. Given trust, Smalling has now become Roma's best defender, and is so important to Roma that they actually tried to buy Chris. His style of play reminds me of David Luiz in his prime, during his best years.Smalling can do everything Luiz used to. He can volley, he can head, he can tackle crunchingly, and he's a leader beyond his years. Next season I hope to see Smalling pair up with Maguire…it would be a much better partnership than Lindelof/Maguire.

  16. unknown yup Reply

    Not even a fan of Manchester United or city but United are better

  17. Clearly a united fan, what a prick.. dislike goes without saying

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