Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, we will learn how to use GridLayout and CardView to make an user-interface design looks like a …




  1. rizki r nasution Reply

    Thank you for your videos. Tha's so helpfully, but bro the assets link is suspend. Could u please give us the new link, thank you. I'm so glad.

  2. bayu prasetyo Reply

    Can you give a link for download that app, Please? thanks!

  3. niamh mc nulty Reply

    Is the source code available for this would be great

  4. Dharmik Shah Reply

    I have a problem like this:This operation requires the library com.android.support:cardview-v7:+. what i need to do??plz inform me

  5. karthick don Reply

    Hi , I am using android studio 3.5.2 ,card view is not shown in my layout file why bro

  6. Windows 10 Reply

    It's better when working with ConstraintLayout, because you can control items better than any other layout

    UPDATE: the almost-deprecated RelativeLayout is cool, even better than LinearLayout, but both are better than a user defined position (AbsoluteLayout or ConstraintLayout)

  7. Mayank Parihar Reply

    Hi everyone
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  8. immanuel mermans Reply

    Why is it that when i use my banner that it fills from top to bottem? While in your Video At 2:54 you can clearly see that it fills for maybe 30% off your top :S. The .PNG i use is 400px by 150px

  9. Face 2 Face Reply

    keren, ane ngikutin malah error euy >_<
    update lgi om tutor nya, oia sama link asset nya ke suspend yak

  10. Purnama Wahyu Reply

    chanel bagus gni indo gak ada? astaganaga, mau tanya belajarmu dari mana gan? keren!!

  11. I can not implement The cardview because it said that it is from an old version what can I do?

  12. YukCoding Media Reply

    Nice. We also provide free tutorial programming step by step. Happy coding 🙂

  13. Neat Roots Tech. Reply

    Well explained.. good approach to writing XML code

  14. afrizal mahendra Reply

    Indonesian accent😅
    Please bang, banyak orang luar yg ga paham 😅

  15. Aivan Geronimo Reply

    love the humor <3 thanks for this bro. keep up the good work 😀

  16. Ivan Hanif Reply

    mau tanya dong, kok elevation nya ga keluar ya punyaku? padahal dah ku kasih. ku pakenya androidx bukan yang droid support, mohon pencerahannya

  17. Google Vc Creations Reply

    Sir please make a Java code to this Dash board

  18. Fortunate Kidz Reply

    Bro, aku ikutin semua code mu, tapi cardview gradle nya aku tukar yg compatible utk androidX. Tapi tiba2 layout displaynya jadi blank semuanya….! apakah scrollview gak bisa dipake di androidX ??? coba kamu test scrollview + gridview di androidX…..! aku udah coba tapi gak bisa, apa yg salah bro ? thanks

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