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  1. Ahmad Taani Reply

    please… fix link this file Hex-Rays IDA Pro 6.8 + All Decompilers (CTRG).rar

  2. can you give link for hex rays ida pro including phyton plugin, thanks? because the link in the website is broken

  3. Mr Facysus Reply

    What if its ARM64, what if it doesn't use R0 but W0, what if MOV doesn't work for ARM64. You need to make it more clear on how to find the things we need so we can apply this in our own cases and not be only limited to the game your editing

  4. Rajeeb Rajeeb Reply

    You are great man really great you teach every single things need to mod. I loved this tutorial please can you make a tutorial for a game ( shadow fight 3 )

  5. i dont get il2cpp exe on your download link lol what i can do

  6. Ррпп Пп Reply

    Hello! can I order hacking one simple game? Please leave your contact details)

  7. Laxus Flash Reply

    I had my eyes off the screen for a sec and that sudden music almost killed me…

  8. hey hi wanted to ask your help can you pass your
    Discord ?

  9. Craftix Ultimate Reply

    17:30 what did you wrote in the Arm hex converter why did you wrote this in i dont understand from where you have the text you wrote in

  10. Mr Facysus Reply

    It really isn't "Simple" since you don't explain why you type in R0 into the converter and you don't explain 90% of the stuff your doing, you need to state why you do it so we can apply it in our cases if needed

  11. LightningBolt Reply

    How did you disassemble ARM in IDA without the ludicrously expensive processor modules? EDIT: Nevermind, you're a hero for providing the free IDA Pro link

  12. are u have make video tut how to Hack/Mod game with obb files?
    or its same way ?
    sry bad english

    Please answer im soo rookie here

  13. Holy shit dude thank you, ive been messing with Rust and i was struggling with seeing the subroutine names, i found this video by accident and helped me ALOT Thank you <3

  14. How can we edit the arguments passed to the functions seen in dnSpy? Because the functions in the game I'm modding only return void instead of int. Can I edit those arguments in HxD as well?

  15. Glenn Mark Bachicha Reply

    please make a tutorial like , how to add 999999999(unlimited) gold , adding when spent, and freezing the value . so many tutorial i saw In youtube is not really helpful, you know people want to know mod not really concern about cheating the health an enemy they really concern is gold,coins,gem.

  16. Bro please give some example hex code for int16, single, and double. Is it same as int32???
    1. I want changed the coin generator timer duration to 1 second, but the code i saw is single or double
    2. Also i want to change the value of cash, but i saw it using int16, NOT int32. How? Please give me example of code

    I used to mod assemblycsharp using net reflector, it easy because it explain the option like idc4, idc8 for single,double, or int32,int16. BUT moding using hexeditor is so hard.. because i dont know the code.
    I only know the int32:
    FF 04 E0 E3 = MOV R0, 0xFFFFFF = ldc.i4 -> ‭16777215‬
    1E FF 2F E1 = BX LR = ret

    So for int16, double, single, is it same? Please give me example code bro.

  17. WHITE DRAGON Reply

    hi man please help i know all the steps of modding but the only thing that icant understand is the hexcode i mean fter you choose the offset we should changet it to hex and then we put it in hexeditor right i want to know how to convert offset to hex and how to use hexedirot

  18. Стрим MaxTre - Все о играх Reply

    Hi, hack Tower Defense Crush Empire Warriors TD

    Using the IDA and the file. I managed to make a DUMP but failed to hack into resources. Make a video please.

  19. ButterAviation Reply

    me watch: Oh look easy
    Me doing mod: BRAIN.EXE HAS STOPPED

  20. How to fix
    "Decompile failed. Please check the log Try clear framework if you got decompile error often."?

  21. Aquí se muere riendo Reply

    Hi, do you know how Unity load "" in memory? In classes.dex there aren't any call to the library, so idk where the lib is called. I'm trying to mod Alliance x Empire.

  22. bro can
    Tutorial mod code of war

  23. illigarium Reply

    how about honkai impact, mmm? It seems the game is checking lib. And mb there was an obfuscator.

  24. Talha talha Reply

    hi, need to know a way to see the source code of unity game. Is there a way? if game is compiled in il2cpp? or all we got is methods and variables? cant we see the c++ scripts used in there unity games? Plus If we are only left with M and Vs. How to stop a function from executing?

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