The review of the Mini M8S 2 TV Box with the S905X & Android 6.
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A correction to the video. Apps can be installed and moved on a SD card on tv boxes with Android 6.0 (including the mini m8s II). Check out the video for a better understanding:
In this review video i will take a look at the performance of the box, check the Antutu score, Geekbench benchmark score and more. I will also test different video formats from 4K files to 720P files. Towards the end of the video i will also play GTA San Andreas on the box.

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  1. hi, thx for vid!
    If I want to transmit the stream from the streamer to my projector over WiFi, how I do so?

  2. Probook User Reply

    Mine has an entirely difference interface not the same launcher as yours, even the boot screen, could it be a clown?.

  3. what tv box do you suggest me for around 35$…this box but 1gb ram version or another box i want to use it only for youtibe kodi and some others streaming apps

  4. Hi Alex I've an old rooted s905x box with 1 GB of ram I'm looking to flash some better firmware on to it as what I have is not great….
    Any advice on where to get decent firmware or what current box has decent firmware?

  5. I lost my controller to this, what can I do?do I just have to buy another controller? :/

  6. Drago Mikulic Reply

    Playing file problems? Is this because 905x procesor is bad?

  7. Hi Redskull, would you recommend buying this box? My main purpose of use would be Kodi, im not into games and i have my phone for Facebook, Skype etc. Version 2gb/16gb costs around 65 euros in my country. Is it worth buying it? Thank you.

  8. I've had the box for a month. All of the sudden I cannot get the box to turn on. All of the cables are fully functional. Are there any troubleshooting steps??

  9. Jayesh Mewada Reply

    Miracast feature is not working can you please tell me how to connect with moto g turbo

  10. Masood Saleem Reply

    Hi Alex how to get 5G wifi on this box. mine is showing only 2.4ghz.

  11. Hello. What is the power consumption when its on and when its on standby?

  12. Nerd Service Reply

    can you expand the memory? there isn't an option on my box to migrate my 32gb sd card for this box for some reason

  13. Ai idee, va rula un blu-ray 3D printr-o unitate optica externa? Cu menu, fara? Chiar nu am idee, in specificatii, la ce sa ma uit daca ar sti 🙂

  14. Frans van der Beek Reply

    Everything works, but this box has one enormous bug. The HDMI-connection hijacks the audio of my whole system. That means that if this box is off, there isn't any sound from any other device connected to my soundbar. The only way to get my sound back is to switch the box on. So even when I watch tv or play a DVD, I have to have the mediaplayer switched on otherwise I will not have any sound from a regular tv-broadcast or DVD. This is my second mediabox and the previous one didn't have this problem. I've replaced the HDMI-cables and looked all over the internet but could'nt find a solution.

  15. will this box be a better upgrade from fire tv stick gen 1. or should i get fire tv stick.gen 2. im looking for tv box that plays media smoothly not a lot of buffering. looking for a box for kodi. also a box for a good price under 60$ will this box be good or what do you recommend (anyone)

  16. Matias Orellano Blaskovic Reply

    You need to activate the h265 codec (hw+) on those videos to play ok..

  17. Richard Johnson Reply

    what do you think about the HUAY EF-008 2.4GHz Wireless Game Controller

  18. Richard Johnson Reply

    how would you rate the V88 4k and the mini MS8 11 4k TV box?

  19. Richard Johnson Reply

    what is the best spec for a TV box to watch video and play games

  20. Anibal Hdez. Valle Reply

    if you have to choose between this one and the wechip v5, which one would you choose? thank you alex

  21. Jovan Mitrovski Reply

    Sorry to bother you again Alex, i just got this box from gearbest(flash sale), and it's perfect for me.
    Thanks for all your suggestions!
    One more question, should I do update that is offered (it wouldn't take much space? ) and should i install new kodi (will i lose all plugins installed? ) Thanks in advance, once again! 🙂

  22. Hi: Does this tv box allow you to adjust some settings of the subtitles? like the colour, size and font? Thanks

  23. Ridwan Rafat Reply

    Does it support an USB webcam for video calling through skype/viber/imo etc apps?

  24. hello, i want to order this box but u can explain better i mean, how does work? the wifi work good? the apps… kodi? for chaneel sky… and other things?

  25. Ronald Recato Reply

    i just bought this. but I'm having problem with wifi. The connection is very intermittent. I have to use LAN cable to be able connect to the internet. I'm sure my wifi router is not the problem because all my pc and gadgets are working properly with my wifi router. I tried connecting to my smart phone using wifi hotspot and it worked just fine. would you know any fix on this? is it something to do with firmware issue or something else?

  26. Guided Hand Reply

    My box keeps giving me a unfortunately has stopped message all the time! please help? I've tried everything to fix. nothing works. I've bought 5 of these boxes and they all have the same issue. going to have to send back to gearbest i guess. horrible experience

  27. Ronald Recato Reply

    you forgot to demo the HDR feature or do you have a separate video for it?

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