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  1. One day if you hit 2M subs, do a face reveal (if you haven't already)!

  2. Effective Pixel Reply

    Haha that's a nice one. I've created the Android Logo in Illustrator. Here is the Link. >>

  3. DragonBall XV Reply

    TSMC I love you man your awesome I've been subscribed since 450K

  4. Dennis Turlak Reply

    you make awesome videos I love every single one of them

  5. Malik your the best Awan Reply

    🙍 Tsmc I build my own statues so far I made hawk eye , wolverine , Crainer Comments , rhino , bed , and more! #My channel

  6. Also could you subscribe to me to plz Thxs keep the class videos going

  7. Tcsm you do class videos and since everyone watches your plz plz plz could you give me a shoutout and try get me some subscribers plz

  8. Toni Mae Hodgkiss Reply

    Omg u wanted to see it in black I'm doing mine black

  9. Morgan Bedford Davis Reply

    when you get to 04.57 it looks like a plug to a lamp

  10. Phillip Casey Reply

    You're awesome at Minecraft 😃 you inspire me!!! I was building but my uncle destroyed all my work 😔😒

  11. flores subliminals Reply

    Wow! I love the android logo!! Also this is so easy to comprehend!! It's kinda funny though when u say " add a row of 19, that is 1, 9… 19!"

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