Full Story Mode Walkthrough for Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Nintendo Switch (1080p 60fps)

02:08 Chapter 1 – A Mysterious Game System
05:08 Chapter 2 – Dr. Eggman & Bowser’s Scheme
10:50 Chapter 3 – The Search for Tails
25:11 Chapter 4 – The Secret Trick
38:48 Chapter 5 – The Lost Game System
59:01 Chapter 6 – Another Showdown
01:03:15 Chapter 7 – Time for Analysis
01:15:32 Chapter 8 – Under the Olympic Cauldron
01:24:17 Chapter 9 – Gotta Get the Golds
01:41:49 Chapter 10 – A Message from 2020
01:47:33 Chapter 11 – The Items’ Sender
02:03:50 Chapter 12 – The Scattered Items
02:21:22 Chapter 13 – The Excitement Battery
02:38:06 Chapter 14 – The Flickering World
02:44:54 Chapter 15 – Cheer Power
03:00:56 Chapter 16 – The Time Remaining
03:08:39 Chapter 17 – Charging Complete
03:29:24 Chapter 18 – Heading Back
03:38:44 Chapter 19 – Battery Replacement
03:43:15 Final Chapter – The Final Showdown
03:48:04 Ending & Credits

Full game walkthrough (Story Mode) in Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on Nintendo Switch

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  1. Aqil Wijdan Reply



  2. a lo mejor todo el esfuerzo no fue en vano al fin lograron salir de ese aparato de videojuegos

  3. 😍😀😃😄😊😳😫😄磕磕绊绊s球坛1448112345689😢工工工工花草树木

  4. Gaurang Raizada Reply

    This game is missing a lot of good events like dream table tennis and dream long jump

  5. There 4 You Reply

    I'm impressed that Amy and Luigi's Girlfriend Daisy were the first 2 to join Luigi.

  6. ImJaylonEaster Gaming Reply

    When Mario Sonic At Olympic Games 2020 was released I went to Baton Rouge.

  7. Scottish Trainer Reply

    So Waluigi can be in the Olympics, but not in Smash.


  8. The aftermath of Tokyo 64 Gaming console?I mean what happened with the Console after Mario,sonic,bowser,eggman and toad get out of it?And that music at 3:28:38 and the 8-bit version(3:42:24) played when The heroes and villains get out of the console,Just wow👍

  9. Nolan The dab king Reply

    Mario and sonic i bet are really good friends cause they have crossed over several times and get along

  10. Karim Tanger Reply

    How about the new one of those people that I can get it now on, the more the same thing as well

  11. Yerusalem Tegbaru Reply

    Luigi: Says hes holding the game system
    Me: where is it O_O

  12. episodicmarie Reply

    In this story mode i love how a Mario and Luigi don’t talk very much or at all because in their games everyone else talks except them! It’s a good attention to detail!

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