Joe and Ciaran are here for the Watchalong for Manchester United v Manchester City in the Premier League. Give us your score predictions below! Go ahead …




  1. Xzylophonics Reply

    Nothing better than listening to some fat kid chewing directly into a microphone

  2. listening to this with headphones, is bad. Ciaran munching, eating with mouth open down the mic…

  3. If poch led this team for this match… we would have lost with so many goals… Ogs at the fucking wheel!

  4. RexDaBossGaming Entertainment&Sport2020 Reply

    The Absolute Scenes!! After That Mctominay Goal!! @2:07:20

  5. "We've seen it all
    We've won the lot
    We're Man United
    And we're never gonna stop

    Ole Ole Ole Ola
    Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole" 🇾🇪

  6. Pep fucking who!!! Ole is at the wheel!! Ole out brigade where are you!!??

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