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Relive one of United’s greatest ever Premier League wins, as the Reds hit eight past Arsenal in an action packed afternoon at Old Trafford!

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  1. Red Devils Review Reply

    What a game it was! Icing on the cake was when we took Van Persie into the team after. 💪💪

  2. Very entertaining match with tonnes of goals. Very rare to see a match with such a huge scoreline these days. Anyway.. I love MU

  3. Kazi Mehrab Rashid Reply

    i am in home quarantine , nothing to do, so i am here randomly

  4. Danny Welbeck was sold to Arsenal so he would be sold to Watford and stop Liverpool's unbeaten run

  5. Oscar Lucas Reply

    I was in my village watching this game that day, everywhere was lit…my unforgettable moment.

  6. I watched this game live. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was like playing FIFA

  7. Callum McInnes Reply

    We went to the boozer to watch this on my mates birthday and he is an Arsenal fan. He went and sat outside at 6-1 😂

  8. I remember this game, was listening on the radio with my dad. We could hear the fans cheer after every goal all the way from Old Trafford. (His house is half an hour walking distance away)

  9. Prateek Agrawal Reply

    Here reliving awesome old moments because matches suspended due to coronavirus

  10. Park, Anderson, Nani…all the United legends in one team. 🙂 What chance did Arsenal have.

  11. Shyam Doshi Reply

    arsenal was a muffin during these years. looks nice on top soft in the middle

  12. Micky dripper 93 Reply

    Who else is rewatching these games whilst there’s no football on?

  13. Van Persie knew he needed to come to United that day. Utd is my team but always respect the Gunners.

  14. Bradley Ball Reply

    Don't mind me, just watching a few classic matches since I won't be seeing any on TV for a while 😂

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