M8S Max Full Android TV Box – Cooling Fan – S912 Octacore – Under $60
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CPU: S912 Octa-core
GPU: Mali T820
32GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi AC
Bluetooth 4.0
Full Android 7.1
Supports 4K HDR 60fps,
HDMI v2.1
5.1 Surround Sound
IR Voice Remote
Built in Cooling Fan

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  1. Put new fan on old box 😂 😂 😂 and say brand new box 😂,

  2. Is this rooted already, this it works with live net Tv and solid streamz

  3. They needed to do this to the ATV version. At least this solves the issue of this box being hot, and having to mod it yourself, but I think the best box for cooling is that Udroid S922 board.

  4. I guess if they had Android 9 or even 8 installed this device would perform much slower?

  5. Well 2 years ago I bought the Xiaomi Mi Box S after seeing the review here and I use it everyday. It performs really well with its Bluetooth remote audio output. Plus Chromecast, Google Assistant, 4K on Netflix and Youtube. It never gets hot at all and I use it with a remote mouse. For the price it was a very good purchase, so many thanks to Chigz. Next purchase is a 4k TV but which one?

  6. Love the fan….and to be honest it's about time somebody did this.


    I love s912 devices !! If only they started making all the original great s912 devices with fans. Although some (not many) didn’t need them. But this would’ve been game changer for s912 o think people would’ve been still using instead of jumping to. S905x2 and android 8. Just what I think. I like this box but would’ve lived to see the fan installed and manufactured in the. X92 and t95z some of the bigger betterselling s912s why do you think. M8s did this. A last effort to get rid of the old boxes with a tweak added ? Or what’s your take ?

  8. Trần Thắng Reply

    Is this fan blowing in from the outside or blowing the wind from inside?

  9. restyrestituto Reply

    Not nearly better resolution/playability wise compared to Xiaomi Mi box 3 which can play 4k on YouTube and 4k Netflix as well.

  10. Sigedno Kastaneer Reply

    If you are in a budget,still be patient to save some money and buy a legit quality Android box that give no head attack!!😄

  11. Do you know when the new nivida shied comes out I read something that said November what do you know

  12. Tank Connors Reply

    Just save up and Buy a shield… you'll never have to worry about anything or buy anything else for the next 10 years.. 🙂

  13. Informative as always but my query is… why is that a lot of these tv boxes have 64 bit architecture but only supports 32 bit application

  14. Thx for the review. I have a Yoka KB2 Pro box, 2 years old MeCool top clone. It has android 7.1.1 and no new updates for the system at all for like 1.5 years. Some apps are refusing to work with full functionality due to the outdated system. Apart from that it works superbly. I'd not hoping for Android 9.

  15. naveen oscs Reply

    Hi, Do you still suggest game sir 4s or any other game controller which supports all games

  16. Those Chinese manufacturer are just so stupid, still pushing out boxes one after the other with 100MB LAN port. You Chinese are you watching this, smarten up!

  17. I think the fan will become the norm soon as these boxes get faster and do more. This one is nothing special though. A little outdated in a lot of areas.

  18. everythingcomputer Reply

    Nothing new here….. Actually, it seems just as slow as the others….. THANKS for letting us know about these new boxs and saving OUR money!!

  19. Richard Gabriel Reply

    Amlogic dropped support for the S912 chip at Nougat, Mecool can't and won't release an updated Android firmware like Pie unless Amlogic changes their mind and releases an updated SDK for the S912 chip. The only downside to a Nougat firmware OS versus Oreo/Pie OS is it takes 2-to-4 seconds longer to install apk packages, because all the other changes in Android Oreo/Pie are Phone based software improvements and they don't actually improve the TVbox experience. This S912 device is still a better budget choice than wasting money on Allwinner H6 or Rockchip RK3318/RK3328 devices.

  20. YouAreAwesome kids Reply

    Please review the UGOOS AM6. They said this the tv box of the year

  21. Scarboro Sasquatch Station Reply

    Chigz Tech Reviews : The cooling fan is an improvement on the MECOOL M8S MAX Full Android TV Box…..Good performer for a budget priced Android TV Box..!!! Thanks Scarboro 🇨🇦🌲🍀🐝🦋💚

  22. Do you recommend this box as cheap working emulator to hook up to my old sony srt tv

  23. Les Whitehouse Reply

    The fan is a nice idea,but other than that not too good. Great review.

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