M8S Android TV Box Prices and availability @ This is the Full review of the Android TV Box M8S Benchmarked using Geekbench 3, Antuntu, …




  1. Doorkicker C.M.P. Reply

    These fuckers that make these videos never answer comment questions.

  2. The Ultimate Game Spy Reply

    Hello when I press a button on the remote, the light is blink red.What that means?

  3. Donna Baham Reply

    Hi, Roberto is there a number U can give me about this unit. I can't get it 2 work at all. I have my manual but, I've seemed 2 put it up somewhere & I can't find it. I bought this but, I hadn't used it 4 a minute so, I have 4gotten everything about it so, I need the manufacture help R their tech. dept. If U can provide me with this info. I will greatly appreciate it. thanks !!

  4. Rami Ibrahim Reply

    ( i need to buy one of 2 ( M8s android 4.4 2MB ram or A95x android 6 Ram 2MB
    those only available for my budget
    what is your suggestion?

  5. Phyllis Michailidis Reply

    Hi I have the same box and it seems to be playing okay the only problem I have is every time I go on YouTube I can hear the video but I can't see it does anybody know how I can fix this thanks in advance

  6. William Hutt Reply

    thks, Roberto, but why is the picture on some of my live apps is on only part of the TV screen?

  7. Hi Roberto, thanks for above. Did you try the audio out on this device. I am considering putting a 4tb hard disk through the USB port to watch movie. I am wondering if this will deliver 5 or 7 channel audio at all through HDMI ?? thanks

  8. andre Carignan Reply

    First time I watch one of your video, I am impressed by the quality of your presentation and it's content. I will definitely bookmark your site and come back. Bravo

  9. Walid Selim Reply

    I got this box and it was great , but is there a video to update its software ???
    @Roberto Jorge

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