The 2015–16 season was Leicester City’s 111th season in the English football league system and their 48th (non-consecutive) season in the top tier of English …




  1. The REMASTERED 1080p version is online NOW

  2. Maji Ganteng Reply

    9:03 i thought that was pub in london before i read the titlle..lmao

  3. When I see this team at 3rd place…. I saw some potential… So I picked this team..

    (For one season)

  4. sisha atoh Reply

    Wow…4years and counting…

    2020 please be nice after this bumpy start

  5. Amaan Ansari Reply

    Without Mahrez &. Vardy title would be impossible……

  6. sɪlєиτ ĸɪllєя Reply

    Great great great moments !! Great club ! Great players Mahrez Vardy olbrighton.. and others !!!

  7. Kaizer Games Reply

    Best story in primier league england…
    Epl best league.. and licester city prove that… any clob can get championnif they were consisten and be a team.. conrate LC.. we miss that moment

  8. Geof Sux 666 Reply

    Vardy – Mahrez >> they're the main players for Leichester. even tho 4years have passed you guys still impressed me -THE UNDERDOG-. Cheers from a Manchester United fan mate.🍾🍾🍾

  9. insta: _ant04n Reply

    At this time vardy was so expensive in ultimate team…

  10. video games anomaly dz Reply

    From algeria i was 26 it was my last year at the university i remember as if it was yesterday i follow his journey from the start of the season and i remember well the goal of mahrez against totenham it is at that time that I started to believe is therefore I almost watch all the matches and when we are at university a leash falls the classes of time and direction the cafeteria to watch the ballast I believe that it is a beautiful story to tell my children already it is the only time w I have been fully with a club all along a championship I have followed almost all the match

  11. SAGA KARSON Reply

    Хочу чтобы в наших странах тоже был такой футбол чистый без коррупции!!! Кто понял знают о каких странах я говорю. Лайканите раша и казаша

  12. Naji Ibrahim Reply

    Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, kasper, drinkwater… etc we’ll never forget

  13. Edward Brett Reply

    Love the commentary after Vardy scores against Villa to bring them back from 2-0 down. "NEVER!WRITE!LEICESTER!CITY!OFF"

  14. Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse Reply

    A true victory for the football fans up and down england and the world.

  15. Victor Rosas Reply

    Was is because they sacked a manager when they were being relegated? Or just the same coach and got new players? What's the actual reason?

  16. Shubham Kumar Reply

    The first leg of 2019-20 season gave me hope of a repeat of 2015-16

  17. joseph4043 Reply

    They better make a statue of vardy when it’s said and done. Chat shit get banged!

  18. Allan Saber Reply

    What a story. The cover footballer Hazard of Fifa15 couldn't simply score and in the end decided the title for Leicester.

  19. Alan Parkinson Reply

    what a difference to this terrible season where Liverpool are running away with it because nobody else turned up. Well done Leicester.

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