This Android tutorial I will show an example of setting up a new thread that handles the graphics, instead of using the view which is the same thread that handles the UI. This is just a basic set up, preparing for setting up the graphics.

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  1. Daniel Handle Reply

    After doing the basics of an App in openGL, just to realise its just a pain in the ass thats not worth it for 2D stuff, Ive decided to go the SurfaceView way, and this is around my 10th tutorial about it and the first one that actually explains stuff and that makes sense!

  2. im done! its so difficult to understand if you are from germany and go only in the the 8th class

  3. James Goforth Reply

    Great job myBB I see your very knowledgable, I use C# but find too many gaps in the tuts, luckily java is easy and can usually do the C# translation pretty easy.

  4. theoaristi53 Reply

    Is there any book that thorougly describes drawing, animation and motion events

  5. Adam Short Reply

    What's the benefit of creating the class within this class?

  6. great tutorial
    can i download the source code from somewere?

  7. It doesn't consistently update graphics. It just updates it as fast as it can. FPS isn't constant

  8. keywordportal Reply

    i know its nothing to do with this tutorial but i am trying to make an app where people can listen to audio files andi have created a listview with the name of the mp3 files but how do i make it link to the audio file. i dont wantto stream i just want itto play on te device when the naem of the song is clicked

  9. Sort of found an answer to my own question about using surface view and XML together, but some of the examples online have not been as clear as most of your videos have. Do you have a video about associating surface view to XML?

  10. Can onDraw commands render sprites on top of the layout backgrounds established in the XML?

  11. mybringback Reply

    well you wanna use surfaceview anytime you need consistant updates on your graphics (if you app applies to FPS) if it doesn't, don't worry about surfaceview.

  12. grudingOyster Reply

    When you said View is already doing a lot, and we should use SurfaceView. Is it for animation or the logic applies whenever we draw a rectangle

  13. Kohler Fryer Reply

    @arshak0023 hahaha i know right ?why arent these vids on the the new boston?

  14. Daniel Burke Reply

    haha, you made me laugh for once. you are awarded one point.

  15. really enjoying these tutorials, hopefully i'll try my hand at android dev soon

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