Learn more about biometric authentication: Nova Launcher has been the king of Android Launchers for many years. But recently…




  1. Learn more about biometric authentication: https://kas.pr/hvx6

  2. Id rather just use an nfc ring than this fake finger thing


    Can you please share the details about that nova setup?

  4. Don't use your finger as a security measure. You can't change your finger. Just use a password and change it every so often.

  5. Phill Bray Reply

    Do a video on the nova set up… Love the clean white homepage ect….

  6. Fujiwara 藤原 Reply

    "This video is sponsored by Kasperky"
    Forza Ferrariiiii

  7. I use Smart Launcher. I've tried others but I always go back to this.

  8. Jao Argota Reply

    Real dumb question, how can you make the google icon at the search bar white?

  9. A hefty fee? Even the most budget phones, that aren't absolutely terrible, are at least $100. Add $5 to that and have a good launcher everywhere you know.

  10. "It's great because you won't have to worry about your biometric data ever getting stolen because unlike your real finger that's physically attached to your hand it's definitely harder to steal a tiny ring with your fingerprint on it"

    Sorry man, I love your channel but that doesn't make sense at all.

  11. NecromancerKiller Reply

    Although I like Nova Launcher more than Lawnchair 2 I'm using Lawnchair 2 as my main launcher because I love that Pixel look

  12. I'm gonna give Lawnchair 2 a try for a few days and see if I like it more than the good old trust Nova

  13. I'm using a 2014 2gb ram phones, will these two slow my device or make them faster?

  14. Kishan Bhimani Reply

    What about android 10 gestures, any of those launchers support it?


    0:53 can I get help on getting a set up like this one please. Great content by the way

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