Tottenham Hotspur moved into the Fifth Round of the Emirates FA Cup, thanks to a late penalty from Son Heung-min. Tottenham Hotspure came from behind twice, after Shane Long and Danny Ings put Southampton in front on two occasions.

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  1. Son Heung-min doesn't suit Tottenham. If he comes to Chelsea, he will score more goals than before.

  2. Son Heung-min should leave Tottenham in the summer. He's a bad fit for Tottenham and he doesn't fit Mourinho's tactics.

  3. Khrusazo Swuro Reply

    What I really like about Tottenham is…"so unity"…unity make them something very very special…

  4. 5:15, did alli aimed the pass through the defenders legs? SICK pass 💪

  5. oluwatosin fagun Reply

    Lucas is a fine player!
    He always proof himself
    But I think I enjoyed Southampton's pattern of football more

  6. Dilip Patel Reply

    I don't support either team, however, that was a very harsh penalty!

  7. Congrats your first penalty goal in tottenham career!! I love you Sonny💖

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  9. thebigdogs48 Reply

    Son is professional diver!
    Join the korean diving olympic team🤣😆

  10. @The Emirates FA Cup so now in the 5th round its Spurs v Norwich City March 2020 !!!

  11. Tom Cornelius Reply

    First goal is mostly Aurier's fault. Man was playing at RWB and just stands in no man's land watching Long drift in to the goalmouth and tap in the ball to a wide open goal…

  12. إسمَاعيل Reply

    How can he get away with this penalty decision when we have VAR that’s ridiculous

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