Edureka Online Courses: ** This Edureka Kotlin Full Course video will help you understand and learn Kotlin programming language …




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  2. Rafaela Souza Reply

    Thank you Edureka and specially Vaishnavi! You explained very well and the examples were very informative.

  3. umair yasin Reply

    Is this course enough for complete kotlin? Does it have any prerequisites? Do we need any programming knowledge to learn kotlin?

  4. Roman Godzinets Reply

    In 2.02 there is no loop, because x = 6 and this is out of range for 1..5, so loop doesnt start. And break too…

  5. does this course has something to do with android? or this is just inteliji and kotlin?

  6. ved prakash mishra Reply

    does this video enough to develop complete android application

  7. i never code in java, will this course will be useful for me as a newbie android developer?

  8. Screen is green nothing showing only sound how to fix it ?

  9. Techno Touhid Reply

    Please make video on how to become android app developer

  10. BommaReddy NARASIMHAREDDY Reply

    U guys are always amazing… Thanks and lot of Love


    thank you for these videos im watching from Zimbabwe.
    Qsn: Does Kotlin has emulator

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