Katekyo Hitman Reborn Mobile (家庭教师) – RPG New CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)


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  1. Bryson Davis Reply

    It says it’s not in my region. So do we have to wait for it to get to our region or will it never get here

  2. Ninkudo koh Reply

    @VongolaJuudaimeHime  Sthu u fool, I clicked/watched this video as I watch most of this channel videos so I can truthfully comment my honest opinion about this game.

    By your logic, no one also asked or forced you here to belittle and criticize me.

    Lastly I said I am not hyped, I didn't say I am totally uninterested so don't anyhow put words in my mouth.

    I alrdy out of this video, so why don't u get lost u idiot for commenting on a 4 mths+ old comment of mine….

  3. Bloodyuser0 Reply

    i tried to download it but the website was in chinese and the download option didn’t show

  4. jonathan hicks Reply

    How do we download this on iOS it says the app doesn’t work

  5. this needs to be in…english gdi I hate living in america x.x

  6. DrSaul Gameplays Garrido Reply

    Nuevo lineage 2 mobile

  7. Game is lit I sure this game will last long but it need open world one

  8. Whats this annoying music ><
    Game looks fun, but I don't like this generic weak looking mc 😏 . Well, as long as you can play someone else its fine

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