Official music video for Jim Brickman’s “Valentine” from the Picture This album ft. Martina McBride. See Jim Brickman On Tour! …




  1. The Egyptian Boss Reply

    I tried to write a comment about how lovely and emotional this song is, but I couldn’t found the suitable words ❤️

  2. Haryadi APC UPS ENGINEER Reply

    wonderful piano play, wonderful voice, if i don't watch this video,i thought she was an african amercan singer

  3. นเรนทร ณบ้านโป่ง Reply


  4. Bart Darrow Reply

    I saw Martina in concert about 20 years ago & one of the women went with a had a huge crush on. I had to look away when she played this song so she couldn't see me cry

  5. will-i -am T Reply

    Even tho I no longer have a valentine I send out blessing to those who care enough to love the one they are with …

  6. Oconnell diamond Reply

    2/14/ 16 memories never be erased one day hope we can find peace I will always love you know matter how far apart you are always be in my ❤️ sorry and forgiveness will come one day for both of us truely wish happiness and love and peace for you no matter what happened 2/14/16 divorce can never take that day away from us no matter what my valentine will always be 2/14/16 forever journey has two paths now only God tell us how will end up


    Ilove this Destiny's omg God jimin 😭😭💜🐥🐰💖💞❤️💕

  8. Пенка Начева Reply


  9. What year did this come out? Uploader FAILED to provide this in their video description.

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