The Gemini 4G from Planet Computers is the smallest laptop like device I’ve ever unboxed. It runs either Android or Linux and provides a somewhat decent …




  1. The Legend Reply

    Well I had a LG slide witch is a smart phone with a keyboard…so same thing but half the price and better camera

  2. The Legend Reply

    It's running Android so it's just a phone with a keyboard so just small tablet especially cause u only a front facing camera…if it had windows 10and was a actual laptop it would be worth it

  3. Looks like something used to hack ATMs and other systems in movies.

  4. Keiran Kainth Reply

    The day something like this runs FULL windows is the day I move away from iPhone.

  5. Christian Coscio Reply

    Can you make a review of Ockel Sirius A???
    Small PC portable

  6. It's just smartphone hardware with a keyboard attached… Which is incredibly stupid since we have touchscreens nowadays. Maybe if it came 15+ years ago, it'd be something cool. Unless you've missed something, our smartphones are essentially, or rather literally, pocket computers. Ones that doesn't come with clunky and redundant keyboards.

    Is it worth looking at? No, not at all. No one would want this unless they're incredibly fussy about wanting to write with a keyboard with their phones. Also, if they're that fussy about it, they could just get a bluetooth keyboard for their phones. Seems like a huge waste of money in my eyes.

  7. Ghulam Murtaza123 Ghulam Murtaza 123 Reply

    mene tumhara dost 03446238013

  8. papacachawa exalibur Reply

    Mini lop
    change my mind

  9. The Question could be does it run on 5volts and 2amps..or similar …like so many competitors for much less money as this may be the PREPPER LAPTOP of choice if it does……due too build quality….a world without power grid no problem if this charges from Solar Panel….or dynamo winder….

  10. Jiu jeatsu Reply

    Can someone tell me if the gemini 4g can be controlled only with the keyboard. I have just bought it.
    Thanks in advanced.

  11. Mike James Reply

    Cool design, Verizon had this year's ago called the voyager, I had one as soon as it came out. Been waiting for a phone like that again, an affordable one. The Verizon Voyager had a screen on the top as well as the inside. Oh – by the way no such thing as a "smartphone " like computers and laptops – smartphones "don't know anything, they only respond to input and their programming ". So why buy into the hype all that money you waste on extremely expensive phones. For what bragging rights – well okay if your a shallow person, but let's be real most phones are just re-dos with upgrades, does that really make them worth the outrageous price? I think not as they pretty much do what all so-called smartphones do. I myself still have an old Samsung phone don't see no reason to buy an $800.00 to $1000.00 phone does pretty much what the new phones do.

  12. This guys voice is so fucking annoying. Shut the fuck up dickhead.

  13. Deetar Cool Reply

    it's a phone with a 5$ bt keyboard attached on it.
    thread closed.

  14. Adi Kapidzic Reply

    Horrible review bro. You didnt even look at the Linux aspect of it, wtf??

  15. Akash Mahmud Reply

    You didn't make any phone call from it, just used laptop 🙄

  16. Gomez Electronic Designs Reply

    the problem is there is no usb ports and no windows so you cant call it a laptop its just a android phone with a keyboard…….else the sony vaio vgn p is legendary and want to have one here in Algeria but its actually too expensive for me although its old and weak

  17. Vchotso gaming Livestream Reply

    Horrible product….. It's a big no for me

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