This tutorial provides an introduction to the Model View Presenter design pattern. You will learn the benefits of choosing MVP and how to get started with it.




  1. Даниил Маслов Reply

    Thank you! I wait your next videos in 2019-2020 🙂 How are you? I hope that you happy.^^

  2. Josiah Tobas Reply

    Hi good day, I was just wondering, did you ever look at Uncle Bob's YouTube video on: Plugin Architecture? Because from what I'm seeing here you are introducing coupling between both the View and the Presenter which in the video lecture that was not the class digram that he presented to his audience. Please look for it. It is with kindest regards I write this comment.

  3. Why did you choose Activity as View? Wouldn´t Activity be a better fit for Presenter, because Activity extends Context?

  4. Gamal Abdall Reply

    Too bad that you don not have more video I would of watched them all even if i have to pay for it, Thank you so much for the Source Code.

  5. Luan Gabriel Reply

    I don`t get what you tried to explain here, you simple didnt anything

  6. morteza hosseini Reply

    i saw many many videos but this is from first step and i like it.

  7. Callahan Covington Reply

    I've spent the entire day looking for someone who can clearly explain MVP. I could've saved so many hours if only I'd found your channel first.

  8. Pradeep Chaubey Reply

    Thanks for such a nice tutorial, waiting for next part of it.

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