Part 1/10 While most Android apps are written in pure Java, Android’s Native Development Kit (NDK) enables us to access code written in C/C++ via Java Native …




  1. This is no doubt the best NDK introduction series for beginners on Youtube.
    Although it's a bit outdated for 2019 as we are now using Android Studio and CMake instead of Eclipse and Makefile, it is still of great value because the instructor described a lot of fundamental aspects of NDK development that are still relevant and important today.
    These aspects contain the overview of the structure for an NDK/JNI application, the basic workflow of developing NDK libs and clients, the ABI for different CPU archs, the dynamic-registering in JNI_OnLoad() and more.
    I would recommend watching this series before diving into the official NDK docs. The official docs are great, but not meant for beginners. Once you understand the basics (even it is Eclipse/Makefile), you can easily grasp the official NDK docs.

  2. Joker and the Child Reply

    Meaning Android NDK for people writing program in C or C++ while Android studio is in Java. Correct

  3. Indian 2018 Reply

    what does marakana mean ? curious .
    and this 10 set video series has got to be the best tutorials on android ndk out there

  4. anotherroman10 Reply

    Another book about NDK development,Android NDK Cookbook.

    Java Native Interface (JNI), build and debug a native app (Chapter 1-3). various libraries provided by NDK, including OpenGL ES, Native Application API, OpenSL ES, OpenMAX AL, etc (Chapter 4-7). porting existing applications and libraries to Android with NDK (Chapter 8-9). write multimedia
    apps and games with NDK (Chapter 10-11).

  5. dubem enyekwe Reply

    Have been waiting for someone to do some video for android ndk. Good video. Marakana ROCKS!!!!

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