In this video I show you how to install and run Android 10 on a PC laptop or Desktop, We will be using Bliss OS 12 for this and it should work on any Computer …


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  1. Tom Carlson Reply

    If the HDD isn't hard to change you could have swapped in a blank HDD to install android on and kept windows available….The least technical dual boot scheme (assuming you're more mechanically than software inclined) if to just swap HDDs out.

  2. Assyrian STAR Reply

    It didn't work for me at all and I made a mistake I formatted my hard drive now i have to install Windows 10 again

  3. Rareș Ștefan Păuna Reply

    When I test the OS the display is wierd it displays black and orange things and I can see a white square when I move the mouse please help.

  4. tank/ roblox Reply

    wow man this is so cool I going to do this so I can play Minecraft and not have to be on phone to play it but ya ill get this. like Im going to get it on my 1TB hard drive not the one in me pc so I can still go back to windows 10 if I wont to so I have a 1TB hard drive that is SATA wire if I get it on that hard drive and get the Android 10 on it is will work if u run is right? Will is save thing and work good?

  5. Ivan Terziev Reply

    How to fix installation failed please check if u have enough storage

  6. Ibrahim Anser Reply

    Dont waste your time cracking the password for the alpha builds. The password is readtheop. If you try, you will guaranteed get frustrurated, I was cursing these guys underneath my breath.

  7. Димитър Митков Reply

    A can I install on a flash without being written to a hard drive like my idea is to use Android without affecting the laptop

  8. vince manna Reply

    Could you partition the internal drive and just load android on the new partition and not wipe the whole drive? Then maybe allow for a boot choice or dual boot for both operating systems? I'm a novice and just asking the question. Thanks…

  9. erm, is it just me – or is there no audio after I installed my blissOS?

  10. DyslexicSmurf 420 Reply

    Well since all you have to do is slow down the video to see the password is stayblissful

  11. M.C. OLEGARIO Reply

    i just installed bliss os on my pc, unfortunately it doesn't come with built in wifi, does bliss os supports lan conectivity instead? or does it support if i install a usb wifi adapter?

  12. I understand not dealing with dual boot for the channel (which I think is awesome BTW) But did you mean that it CAN NOT be installed as a dual boot for some reason??? I (I already have a bit of extra partition space set aside on my laptop's main drive anyway, and would really like to test this out)
    Thank you ETA for the vids👍, also for anyone else who might chime in!

  13. ian castillon Reply

    bruh moment

  14. Its stuck on progress: detecting android x86… found at devsda1 then it says console: #

  15. Travis Welton Reply

    Can you try a keyboard to touch mapping tool like tincore or something to see if you can play touch only games with kb/m, or with external controller? Great video by the way.

  16. just go to the dev download website:

  17. lloyd smith Reply

    does this android or rather bliss os do updates/rolling release?

  18. Pc software android version working or not working give me answer

    How to reinstall win how to restore

  19. Create a virtual machine and assign your usb drive as the hdd…then install your os…then it will run full linux os direct from usb drive and not be just a live mode

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