arteta #arsenal #premierleague Go inside training as our new head coach takes his first session with the full squad, ahead of our Boxing Day trip to …




  1. salva robert Reply

    We need new crop of players starting creative midfielder, left wing, holding midfielder to pattern with Toreira, Centre backs to Pattern with Saliba and Pablo

  2. malual ajuong Reply

    Beautiful moments extremely perfect, I love it ❤️❤️❤️😆😆😆

  3. 3.54… Mustafi FORGET THA RULES… tha kid that just wants tha ball lol

  4. Bilal Ahmed Reply

    I love this guy he has the energy the passion to make arsenal great again, support him guys because hes the ONE..

  5. Agus Nugraha Hidayatullah Reply

    Arteta bener bener nerapin ilmu yg didapat dri pep. Bakalan jadi penerus pep guardiola nih nantinya

  6. YT _ilikecake playz Reply

    Who searched up arsenal for the game arsenal on roblox and sees this lol

  7. Glad to see the players happy back togethoer ❤💪. This manager is very serious and looks strict i love it

  8. Édouard Français Reply

    Arteta tu doit les faires travailler dur comme la méthode bielsa !!!! Et prend Ziyech pour marquer l’histoire du club et gagner des titres.

  9. Arif Muhammad Reply

    When game on, dont forget to enjoy the match and happy. Smile. Many Profesional player want to play for Arsenal.

  10. Sharmake Aden Reply

    Mikel brings a certain spirit and momentum to Arsenal… and l like that aspect

  11. Sharmake Aden Reply

    This man is genius. Mikel can lead Arsenal back to glory… he demands results from players, no BS lol

  12. 1980derkaiser Reply

    Arsenal is not a guinea pig. You cannot let someone to have his first managerial experience at a club like Arsenal. Arteta should have proven himself in La Liga first like Pochettino did. He should have coached teams like Villareal, Sevilla, Valencia, Getafe, Espanyol etc.. before deserving to become Arsenal manager. Becoming the manager of ARSENAL should not be that easy. Best regards from Istanbul

  13. Under Emery we had no idea how to control a game proactively. I've already seen a difference in the way we are playing since Arteta came.

  14. Aqueel Kadri Reply

    The culture of teaching the players the psychology of the game instead of "around the worlds" at an early age in spain is why every spanish player can turn into a great coach.

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