– Get 14 Days free trial. Here is how you can setup smart DNS proxy on Android and iOS. Here’s a list of Smart DNS Proxy …




  1. hamisi guzo Reply

    Anyone tried it on an android TV? Working on all devices except TV

  2. JM Rattigan Reply

    Yo my Netflix says "sorry can't connect to Netflix" what do I do?

  3. If my 14 day trial expires does it pay from my credit card instantly?

  4. hope this works for the ABC app however I'm not sure about this

  5. Awkward Films Reply

    i did everything, but netflix just keeps loading and doesn't play at all

  6. anas hamory Reply

    I couldn’t take your accent for more than 1:13 , let Nitflex go to hell

  7. David Christopher the second Reply

    I use 4G not wifi, how can i change ip on 4G ?

  8. PLS HELP!

    When i put both dns in and the ip and gateway thing it still doesnt let me press save. PLS HELP!

  9. James Turner Reply

    Defaults to US Netflix regardless of DNS location…unless you pay. Typical.

  10. luis schalch Reply

    When you setup the DNS and restart your iPad or iPhone it no longer connects to the internet. You resign over smartdnsproxy but still the service doesn't work. How can you solve this problem without having to set up the DNS on your router???

  11. Juste quelqu'un Reply

    I'm here from another video of your channel because I wanted to be able to watch ABC from here but sadly it doesn't work, how can I do that?

  12. Andrew Stevenson Reply

    Is the information in this video still valid for 2018?

  13. Simon Kapss Reply

    Currently everything is working fine for me jst one question.
    1. After paying $4 Australian for a month. Can i keep the same account if i buy a new laptop, because im currently using windows 7 and abt to buy a new windows 10 in the next couple weeks.

  14. Kyle Schepitan Reply

    Hi I got through all the steps fine and I have a bit more content on Netflix than I had before but not much. On your site under my account it says I am using "United states Free-4" I originally use south African Netflix as I stay there , and I now have a few more titles but not as many as my American friends do. Please help with this.

  15. I have a smart home so will this screw up my google home account? Will google home still follow my commands?

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